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Being the child of a celebrity can be tough, as the limelight tends to follow you wherever you go. So you can imagine that being Michael Jackson‘s kid is really difficult. Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket Jackson have found a way to get some privacy in public, though: they volunteer at a Los Angeles homeless center!

The three Jackson children have been putting in time at the Sydney M. Irmas Transitional Living Center, which helps homeless individuals and families transition off the streets and into a new home. The real upside for the kids, though, is that most of the residents don’t recognize them.

On “Good Morning America,” Robin Roberts told a story about just how incognito the children of one of the most famous celebrities that ever lived are: apparently Paris was carrying Michael’s book Never Can Say Goodbye when “a young resident there was looking at it and said, ‘Wow, Michael Jackson. Did you know Michael Jackson?’ Didn’t even realize that it was his daughter, and that’s the way they like it.”

The children, the eldest of whom are only in their early teens, are incredibly charitable and thoughtful for their age: they have stated that they want the 2,800-acre Neverland Ranch to one day be home to a center for animals. It’s rare to see the children of celebrities turn out to be well-adjusted, and it’s all the better to see these kids turn out so well considering Michael’s turbulent life.

Just don’t blow their cover, okay?

  • Kelly

    Those kids are well adjusted because of Michael’s parenting skills! But you’d never give him credit for that. His turbulent life was due to YOU the media giving him so much grief and hate, always printing lies no matter what. You, the media, didn’t even have to guts to apologize after he was found innocent on all charges. Sad that this is how media lives their lives, profitting off of lies of others.

    • Maria

      Ditto, Kelly, well written. And who knows, Michael would have probably done the same thing with the kids, sending them to a regular school,if he was not killed. He was slowly putting them out into the public, without masks and veils. And maybe because of those veils and masks, those children at the center did not know that they are Michael’s kids.

    • Rob

      Well said, Kelly. RIP Michael

      • Emily

        That’s so true :)
        Good to see that his children are doing ok, and have got their father’s loving sweet and caring nature.

    • emmy

      That is true, and it is sead.

    • marie

      Thank you for preaching the truth! It is Michael who raised these kids, mold their moral values, and their behavior. Michael did a better job at raising his kids by himself than other Americans at raising their kids together. They acknowledged MJ’s kids are well mannered but never acknowledged the parent that singlehandedly raised these three kids. Media is bullshit!!! These kids didn’t raise themselves! They were raised by a fine man and that is Michael Jackson!!! You media made his life a living hell, but we his fans all over the world stood up for him because we know the truth!!!

  • Anna Harris

    Michael taught them well. He was a good father. I’m sure that he would be very proud of them.

  • Cathy T

    Those children are just as kind and generous as their father was. They are like that because Michael was an amazing father who taught his kids values and wouldn’t allow them to become spoiled! And I agree with the first poster, Michael’s “turbulent” life was because of greedy liars and the Media! Michael Jackson was an angel sent here to help mankind and most of us were too jealous or stupid to see that!

    • PatriciaB

      I totally believe that it was the media that killed MJ, they killed him a long time ago. He was such a great humanitarian with a huge heart and all they did was publish lies and crap about him. Those kids are going to carry on their father’s great legacy, he is watching and he is very proud of them.

      • Mary K.

        Oh, I agree with you completely! Conrad Murray may have stuck the needle in Michael’s arm and injected the poison, but it was the media with all it’s bashing and bullying that wore Michael down emotionally and stressed him out to the point where he needed an injection to help him get some sleep. I think Prince, Paris and Blanket are incredibly beautiful unspoiled kids and I agree I’m sure Michael is very proud of them as am I.

  • courtney

    i agree the media ruin his life

  • Ismail

    All the humanitarian soft corners of MJ have transferred to these kids too. We are proud of the. As all of u say, the dirty world killed a super hero yet before everything could be delivered by him.

  • Maryorfo

    Its nice to hear they are doing well & thinking of others, good job Michael.

  • http://f emmy

    Thanks God they are O.K. and they are doing fine.They deserve respect and love from Michael fans.Love are Micheal words.Rest in peace dear Michael .We love you dear angel.

  • Tom

    Well of course their cover is blown. But God bless them and they were raised right.

  • Robert

    I concur with every sentiment delivered on this site. Michael Jackson not only preached and performed an important message, he lived the message of Love everyday of his life. The media destroyed him in a modern day lynching and the vitality and importance of his message was lost. With every day that goes by we learn about more people who were influenced by and impacted by Michael Jackson, not only as a performer, but more importantly as a humanitarian and human being. It is no surprise that his children are a beautiful representation of his spirit. Not a day has gone by since Michael’s death that I don’t think of him and mourn his loss. I am so grateful to see his children carrying on his legacy of love. RIP Michael…..I love you.

    • Tom

      And he was still trying to deliver a message when he died. If you watched “This Is It” you know what I mean.

    • Mary K.

      “A modern day lynching”–I had a feeling his being black had something to do with the media’s disgusting treatment of him over the years. That is just so typical of the embarrassing racist element that still exists in our culture as humans.

      • courtney

        WELL SAID!