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Jamie Oliver Calls Sarah Palin A 'Froot Loop'

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Jamie Oliver wins the award for best Sarah Palin nickname: the celebrity chef and nutrition advocate has called the politician a “Froot Loop.”

The Obama administration recently approved a bill that would provide more government funding for school lunches and expand nutrition programs. The move was cautiously lauded by Oliver, who sees the move as a step in the right direction but is wary that the government won’t follow through. Palin, unsurprisingly, denounced the initiative: Palin has been railing against any legislation involving school lunches, claiming that it creates a “nanny state” and intrudes on private lives. Palin even went so far as to bring batches of sugar cookies to a Pennsylvania school in response to the Pennsylvania Board of Education voting to ban sweets from being sold or served at schools.

Oliver, meanwhile, has been campaigning for healthier school lunches for years now, exposing the unhealthy foods served by schools to save money. He had his own TV show, “Food Revolution,” that discussed the obesity epidemic and advocated better eating, and made an excellent TED talk a while back that is definitely worth watching. Recently, LA schools blocked Oliver from exposing the contents of their lunches, indicating just how bad this issue can get.

With the two in such opposition on the issue, it’s no surprise that Oliver said that Palin, “clearly on this issue is a Froot Loop.” He has a point: the regulation of school lunches doesn’t infringe on what parents choose to feed their children. Parents can send their kids to school with whatever kind of lunch they want. The legislation simply offers healthier choices at schools.

Plus, when you think about it, Palin is a bit like a Froot Loop: colorful and sweet on the outside, but lacking real substance and hazardous to your health in high doses.

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