She plays a forensic scientist on the hit Fox show “Bones,” but Emily Deschanel helps stop crimes in real life, too: the actress and animal lover is currently fighting for the lives of 14 chimps being used for testing by the National Institue of Health.

Deschanel sent the NIH a letter after learning that they plan to send 14 aging chimpanzees from the Alamogordo Primate Facility (a rehab and retirement facility for chimps used in testing) to the Southwest National Primate Research Center. The research center, based in Texas, has a “long history of animal abuse” according to Deschanel’s letter.

“Each individual chimpanzee has his or her own story,” wrote Deschanel. “As you know, their stories are all filled with pain and suffering. But you have an opportunity to give these 14 chimpanzees’ stories a happy ending.”

The chimps won a recent victory when the NIH suspended plans to move a huge group of 186 chimps from the rehab facility to the research center. However, the fate of the 14 chimps is still in question.

Deschanel’s strong support is no surprise: she has been heavily involved in animal rights cases in the past, is an outspoken vegan (along with her sister, “500 Days of Summer” star Zooey Deschanel), and even won the “Humane Advocate Award” from the Humane Society.

It’s great to see all of these stars standing up for chimps: Pamela Anderson and Woody Harrelson have recently written letters on the behalf of chimpanzees subjected to testing. With any luck, those 14 chimps will get to live out their lives in their home in New Mexico.

  • Phillip

    If she was not pretty….. Who would care about some chimps.
    Not me and most other males.

    • don miguelo

      Wow. Too many things to address with that comment to actually start addressing it. It’s actually bordering on a Sarah Silverman kind of humor, of all things!

      Anyways thank you any pretty, sexy, fugly, or nondescript celebrities (male/female/other) for writing letters to help these chimps that so many of us cared about (even before you wrote!), because we naturally care about animal’s lives and treatment.

      p.s. Emily is sooooooo HAAAAAWWWWT!!!

  • herwin

    these cruelties are our own western “Taiji’s” so to speak.
    i wish the media would make an issue out of these cruelties.
    luckely the chimps have people like Emily who fights for them.

  • D

    This is just sad and I’m glad there’s people like Emily trying to help. Kudos!

  • Karina

    I really believe that Emily can do no wrong. She is absolutely amazing. Not many people would take the time for fight for aging animals, and that’s why the animals need people like Emily to fight for them. And why society should be looking up to people like her who fight for their convictions instead of the trash many people look up to now.

  • Itzel

    It is very good, another great reason to love
    I do not like who mistreat animals
    Emily # 1