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Back in early January, quietly released a six-part interview with co-founder Matt Damon on his activism for clean water and why the topic is so important to him.

The almost 9-minute interview is refreshing in that it’s not just Damon reading from a script or rambling off soundbites. He takes his time to explain each answer — some deeply personal — and above all, shows not only his knowledge on the topic, but also his passion for making a difference.

The most unfortunate part? Less than 3,000 people have watched the video. Check it out after the jump below.

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  • Elaine

    While I appreciate and what they attempting to do. There is a magic bullet, it is called Veganism and I am a bit surprised that he did not mention this concerning why India and other nations are in such dire situations. We truly are all connected, and the major contributor to our worldwide water problems are meat and dairy consumption in more developed nations (that would be US!). I do wish he had addressed this.

    Thank you for sharing this.