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Photo: Flickr via jake.auzzie

Yesterday, we told you that pop idol Justin Bieber had a simple birthday wish: for you to donate money to his site. As it was Justin’s 17th birthday yesterday, he had a lofty campaign goal of $17,000.

Well, Bieber and his fans (and maybe even you!) absolutely crushed that goal, and Bieber’s mycharitywater site now has almost $45,000 raised and counting! All of that money will go toward bringing clean drinking water to people in developing countries who would otherwise be without. That is the power of the Biebz.

Not only that, but when Justin got his shocking haircut (only Bieber could make a haircut shocking), he decided to auction off the hair to raise money for charities. Bieber is currently auctioning off a lock of his hair in a plexiglass box that he presented to Ellen DeGeneres, who chose the animal charity The Gentle Barn as the auction’s beneficiary. With the auction just about to end, the bidding stands at $17,800 with the possibility to climb even higher!

Bieber has been on fire lately in terms of charity work, and has even been using his birthday as a publicity stunt to get people to donate. That’s some real selflessness right there. Or maybe it’s evil genius. I can’t tell.

It’s also great that Ellen chose The Gentle Barn as the auction’s charity: the nonprofit has rescued 130 neglected and abused farm animals and provided a safe home for them where they are not only cared for, but also stand as an educational example of how animals can be treated well. And rumor has it that Ellen and Portia de Rossi will be attending another charity event for the organization later this week, how cool!

Bieber, also an animal lover, must have been pleased with the choice as well. We look forward to the two of them teaming up for more charity work in the future.