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If his skating is any evidence, Johnny Weir has a thing for Lady Gaga, and both of them happen to enjoy wearing animals as fashion pieces; For Gaga, a meat suit, for Weir it’s good ole fashioned fur.

The three-time U.S. National Champion figure skater is serving as a guest designer at Adrienne Landau’s Fall 2011 NY Fashion Week show, and has created pieces that include items featuring fox, rabbit, mink and chinchilla fur. But this isn’t Weir’s fist venture into fur, as PETA attacked him before for using fur in one of his skating outfits. Yuck.

“I’m a firm believer in real fur. I don’t believe in fake fur,” Weir told Stylelist. “Despite having death threats and people wanting me to be hurt because I wear fur, that makes me more aggressive in my choice to wear fur. It’s my choice. And I feel like everyone is entitled to that. This is America, after all.”

We at Ecorazzi are definitely anti-fur, and it’s disappointing to see someone with so much talent make such poor decisions that hurt animals. Let’s just hope that none of his fans follow in his skating shoes.

  • tammy marie

    I guess this is the only way this person can get anyone to pay attention to him.
    If it wasn’t for these stupid stunts he wouldn’t get noticed.

  • Karina

    You guys forgot to mention that he said those threats actually fuel him to wear more fur. Johnny Weir is really disgusting. He acts like a stuck-up b*tch. And he gives gay people a bad name.

  • m4rk0

    He’s got a face you’d love to punch.

  • David Allen Cobb

    Yes, Johnny Weir: It is YOUR choice as to what you wear, do, etc. But, if you knew what is ACTUALLY behind fur I would not be surprised if you changed your mind…well, this depends on if you have a heart or not… ?

  • BanTheFurTrade

    How about some “choice” for the animals murdered for his disgusting outfits!? Does anyone think they would choose to die for this?

  • shelly

    before this I never even heard of him. I believe I boycott whatever he performs in and I hope enough people recognize this butthole and deny any attention to him that he disperate to want. pay more attention to the faux fur athelites.

  • Erin Elizabeth

    I cannot stand Queens like this (whether female or male)

    He has no soul..

  • C.J. Eliassen


  • Tomek Kx

    I agree with anti-fur approach, however, there is more than just saving animals by not wearing fur. I am sure a fewer animals die for a fur, than for the cosmetics based, on e.g. coconut oil. How much or a rain forest has to be destroyed for coconut plantations? Or petrol- how much sea water is polluted with oil? People, don’t be hypocrites! If you use a face cream based on coconut oil, like cookies that were maid with coconut, or prefer a bus/car to a bicycle, the stop moaning when you see someone weraing fur!