by Ali Garfinkel
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Superstar Angelina Jolie made a surprise, two day visit to Afghanistan recently to meet with refugees. The actress took the trip as part of her real-life role as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissions for Refugees (UNHCR).

Many of the refugees Angelina met with had spent years in exile, the majority of which hadn’t been back to their home country since 2002. Angelina urged that more action be taken for the reintegration of Afghan exiles into their society, and according to the Agence France Presse stated, “The focus needs to be put now on reintegration and that means not just putting up shelter but making sure there is water, job opportunities, a school for the children and medical clinics.”

Angelina spoke with the head teacher of a local school outside of Kabul, as well as some schoolchildren, and is reportedly in talks to fund a new primary school for girls. Along with her various notable efforts included a plea for protection of the civilians fleeing Libya, urging “all sides” to respect human rights and do what they can to ensure the safety of these people.

Yeah… So, I took out the garbage today. That was pretty epic on my part.

  • Susan Paquette

    I wish I could have the courage Angelina has to go overseas and spend time in less fortunate countries and actually help people in person. The best I can do is my artwork from afar. I admire her efforts.

    • Jim

      By all means visit the refugees but make sure you ignore our troops… who by the way… if Jolie ever gets into any real trouble overseas will be called upon to risk or give their lives to save her pathetic life. Man I am sick of these phony celebs.

      • Michael dEstries
      • Julia M.

        Jolie has visited our troops in Iraq – twice IIRC – and has quietly spent time with them at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC.

        Try knowing what you’re talking about next time.

      • don miguelo

        Yeah and besides it wouldn’t be our troops it would be Blackwater (XE) called out there instead. She’s better off without them. She knows what she is doing and how to be safe enough. People can and will make a difference, even celebrities, despite people judging them from afar. How easy is it to say protesters are ineffective, or boycotting doesn’t matter, or that celebrites are brainless attention seekers? Very easy, but not always a hard and fast rule. Look at Egypt recently.

        This isn’t just some bandwagon she’s on didn’t you see “A Mighty Heart”?