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Blair River, the official spokesman for the disgustingly unhealthy restaurant “Heart Attack Grill, has died at age 29.

The cause of death is currently unknown, but friends are speculating that it was the result of his contracting pneumonia after a bout with the flu.

The 575lb, 6-foot-8 River can be seen on the establishment’s website promoting the high-caloric food – often fried in pig lard – along with the promotion that anyone over 350lbs gets to eat free. A sign in front of the building reads, “Caution. This establishment is bad for your health.”

Tragically, the restaurant’s motto is “taste worth dying for.”

Only in America. Check out a video promotion featuring River after the jump below.


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  • Rachelle

    Pneumonia, huh? Ummm hmmm.

  • Eric Southard

    wth, is this real?

  • Penny

    Sounds like self-fulfilling prophecy!

  • Susanne

    I saw the Heart attack Grill profiled on a TV show. The owner is a former EMT and I truly believe that he is an as yet unidentified type of serial killer. Anyone who is morbidly obese eats there for free. It’s easy to see that he is really getting off on encouraging these food addicts to eat themselves to death. Sick patrons. Really sick owner.

  • kass.lo

    and people actually went there after watching this kind of commercial??