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You know, for a couple that has claimed they’re “not dating,” Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn sure are flying a lot together. The two recently took a trip together to Mexico, and are now reportedly planning a trip to Haiti later this year.

Both celebs have a history of humanitarian work, with ScarJo working as a global ambassador for Oxfam and Penn starting the J/P Haitian Relief Organization after the big earthquake hit, for which he has been honored several times. Scarlett apparently wants to be a part of the program down there, hence the trip.

Of course, there’s some room for the alleged couple to improve in the green department: the two took a trip to Cabo San Lucas earlier this week, leaving from Burbank in Penn’s private jet, flying down to Cabo for dinner, then returning the morning after. Carbon footprint, much? I’m sure there are plenty of good places to get margaritas in Los Angeles without having to burn up a tank of jet fuel. You would think that Johansson, who signed a letter with other Oxfam ambassadors to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, would suggest an alternate means of travel. Maybe Penn has a magical emission-free jet?

The big question, though, is what to call this couple, if they are indeed a couple. SeanJo? ScarPenn? Seanlett Johansspenn?

  • herwin

    that’s a very good remark, Andy . I am sure that’s a hell of a carbon footprint for one dinner. Speaking for myself, since i became aware of my carbon footprint, i have cut the flying for flights that can be done with land transport like bullet train and now i even prefer shaky 8 hour bus trips that i easily could do in less than one hour by airplane, if it wasn’t for the crazy carbon footprint.

  • LittleMe

    They’re just doing the same as so many other celebrities involved with charitable organisations. They happily support certain causes when it suits them.

    • herwin

      well, that’s a bit unfair me thinks. By donating her/his time and energy for free to a charity or good cause, the celeb offers up this precious time to do something that he/she can also could have earned money with.