by Ali Garfinkel
Categories: Fashion.
Photo: OAT

Tired of throwing your tied together sneakers over power lines when you’re done with them? (Just kidding— does anyone still actually do that?) Thankfully, Amsterdam-based company OAT Shoes has thought of a way to make sure you and the Earth get the most out of your shoes— by making them biodegradable!

The shoes, made from materials like bio-cotton, cork, hemp canvas, and biodegradable plastic, can be mixed with compost or buried in your garden, where it will break down naturally. After you bury and water them, the seedlings packed into the lining will eventually sprout into a tree— cool, right?

Another great thing? They look pretty stylish, which is a common problem when it comes to green clothing. OAT Shoes didn’t want to sacrifice good looks for practicality, and they didn’t have to!

Back in January, their idea came in second during the Green Fashion Awards during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, and have received requests to appear in a ‘green hip-hop film,’ a Russian TV Show, and an Italian sportswear convention.

Available only in Europe for now, the company hopes to make the product available in the United States around the Fall season.