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We love Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder, and not just because he’s really nice to look at. The eco-celeb recorded a PSA after the devastating oil spill in the Gulf, has partnered with the Alliance for Global Conservation to protect the planet, and created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) to call on the next generation to get involved with environmentalism.

Now his foundation is taking the next step and attempting to reform The Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act in British Columbia. The decision to campaign for the cause came after the recent discovery that 100 sled dogs were killed in British Columbia due to a slump in tourism…

“These animals were brutally murdered and the individuals responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Period,” Somerhalder stated. “Government officials need to do everything in their power to make sure this sort of tragedy never happens again.”

To facilitate that power, ISF is teaming up with to create a petition, calling on British Columbia to regulate their laws and better protect animals.  “The laws must be changed to accommodate the fact that individuals who even consider this type of behavior understand that it’s an attack against life itself and will not be tolerated,” explained Somerhalder.

The petition specifically targets members and key stakeholders of Premier Gordon Campbell’s governmental Task Force, and more than 17,000 people have already signed the petition calling for reform.

If you want to join Somerhalder and his foundation in their mission to end animal cruelty in British Columbia, you can sign the petition here!

  • Sam

    Gordon Campbell isn’t British Columbia’s Premier and having Americans sign a petition to change legislation in a province within Canada won’t do anything.

    • Sabrinna Angela-Doveta Valisce

      Hi Sam,

      I believe having an international (not just referring to the U.S.A here) petition is very powerful because it makes it clear that this can’t be swept under the rug. The information is out and people globally are disgusted by it and expect law reform to address the issue.

    • Christina Sousa

      Gordon Campbell is infact the Premier of BC, Christy Clark has yet to be sworn in.
      Having Americans and others from around the world sign a petition to change legislation ANYWHERE can make changes happen. But honestly, I don’t understand why you were pointing a finger at Americans when nowhere does it say the petition is just for Americans. I’m Canadian, I’ve signed this petition.

  • Amy Schultz

    this is why i love ian somerhalder..hes got warmest heart ever! we all want to help him and Ian somerhalder foundation! lets change our world to postive change, stop animal curelty!! its time to speak up for ones cant speak for themselves!! Go ian!! i love you!! everyone please sign this petition!! lets speak up for our animals!! help ian somerhalder and he’s foundation! we can make the future so much better for our animals and our planet earth!! <3

  • Khadija (Kady )

    wow =) he’s such a good man ;)

  • Lisa Strube

    Thank you Ian, for lending your voice to such a worthy cause. Such a tragedy can never be allowed to occur again. Collectively, we can be heard and hopefully make change.

  • Vanessa

    Ian, you are the greatest person I’ve ever heard from. I feel proud of being your fan. You rock!

  • Michael Raymer

    What’s absolutely tragic about this is that it’s common knowledge that sled dogs are instantly adoptable. I don’t know what the problem in British Columbia is but, in Alaska, the moment a sled dog retires it is placed in a good home that was on a waiting list. I guess Canada can’t be troubled by such things.

    • Michelle

      When I read about this in the paper I was disgusted and horrified! It was a terrible thing to happen. But, this was an isolated incident, it does not happen everywhere in Canada. I’ve never heard of any other story like this happening in this country. And I definitely wouldn’t go so far as to blame an entire country for the actions of one person.

    • Michael Raymer

      Well, I don’t get too minute with my semantics. On the other hand, there’s Canada’s ongoing and unecessary clinging to the seal slaughter; another “isolated” incident where dozens of Narwhals were killed, when they could have been rescued; and now this. So I have heard other stories like this and am beginning to think that, yes, it does happen “everywhere” in Canada.

      • Allie Lynn

        Canada regulates and controls the seal slaughter, but does the US control the slaughter of horses? No. You just ship them across your borders and have somebody else slaughter them for you after your finished with them. As someone from B.C it’s getting very hard for me to listen to everyone bad mouthing us.
        This was the action of one man acting on someone else’s wishes. Until we came into the public eye because of the Olympics, nobody knew anything about B.C.
        We have always loved our animals up here, this was one isolated incident. Yes it was tragic, yes it never should have happened.
        Guess what though, animal cruelty happens everywhere in the world though. So why don’t we start spaying and neutering our animals, that way there is no more over crowding in animals shelters. Plus we wouldn’t have to euthanize a pet just because they couldn’t be adopted.

      • Julia Trops

        Michael, unfortunately yes, it does happen everywhere in Canada because we have limited accountability with no bite. We want to change that. I hope my general comment is posted (down on the page) so that you can see the links.

        It is true that countries do work around things, I don’t want to get in to the horse issues, there are a ton of things wrong with each of our countries, we can’t fix them all right away, but we can do things one at a time, and for Canada, we need Bill C-229 very badly – (regardless of political party politics before anyone jumps on who created the bill.)

        Let’s just get this done.

  • iansPAgirl

    Thank you Ian for taking time out of your busy schedule to spread the word about such a travesty. Animals have their own place here on earth and should not be killed because they can’t or don’t any longer serve a purpose – their is ALWAYS a purpose for them. We as humans should know better. It is humilating to think how far back in time we have traveled, with all the knowledge and technologies at our fingertips, to be so barbaric.

  • Denise Wilson

    It is truly sad that we can’t exist on this HUGE planet in harmony. What happened to helping one another and caring? Is it too much to ask another area that does sledding, if they would like to have some well trained dogs to work for them? The ones that didn’t get taken in by another business should have been up for adoption and their precious lives not ended so savagely. Ian is such a blessing to this planet for his huge heart. He is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. He is a great man.You rock Ian!!!

  • lilyzhang

    Love baby

  • lilyzhang


  • Natasja

    I would love to see more people like Ian in high places, in the government as president so that we can do even more amazing things in our world. Hi Ian your an amazing person. they say It just takes one man to make a difference and you really do. Thank you for being the great man that you are.

  • proudvegand

    I think its great that people are angry about this tradegy and want to help. However, what I don’t get is this…. We all get so angry when its a cuddly dog, or a cute cat, but when we are eating our steaks, thats ok? Well, no, actually, its no different, apart from the fact that the dogs were not eaten. When you really think about it, and forget what we have been conditioned to think from the moment we are born, there is no difference at all. Any animal killed, is murdered, simple as that. So, I appreciate all the good these people do, and want to do, but please, do not be hypocritical. oh, and before people lay into me, no, I am not perfect, and am making no claims to be. I just wish people would stop categorizing animals into those we want to help, and those we don’t.

  • AC

    I just signed the petition even though I’m American. I hope they do something to prevent this from happening again.

  • Tim

    It is good that he think of the animals like most people don’t, but I don’t see that he is vegan? I suppose many people won’t understand this if I use animals, so I will take an example in the holocost: jews.

    If someone wanted to free the jews but he still ate jew meat, that would be something like this.

    Also, if someone really care for animals and don’t look at them differently because they don’t look like us, they should become vegan. This also helps the planet. About 70-80% of the distruction of our planet is because of all the slaughterhouses. Also, if all that space that slaughterhouses take, would be used to make vegan food, no human on this earth would be hungry.

    The solution to actually caring is becoming a vegan. Which I hope Ian becomes :) Vampire diaries is great btw.

  • Julia Trops

    Admirable stance, thank you to Ian for becoming a voice for the animals. I hope other celebrities do too.

    It is true, an international petition is not recognized in Canadian Parliament, however outside pressure is always good.

    Canada does care about her international reputation.

    Something that should be noted, it is the Canadian Legislation that needs to be changed overall. We want these abusers to be held accountable by the Criminal Code of Canada, and that is a Canadian Legislation change.

    Suggest you check out these two pages on Facebook. For the first, don’t be fooled by the name, we have become an international group that is focused on action to change Canada’s Animal Legislation:

    And the second is a Vigils page which is also international and focuses specifically on Bill C-229 currently up for presentation in the House of Commons for debate:

    Show up for the Vigils – sign your name to a physical petition (if in Canada), get the petitions in businesses that you know, here is an example that contains links to the history of animal cruelty legislation change in Canada (it is short, trust me), as well as the documents you would need to set the petition in motion. 25 sigs are mandatory for a petition to be valid:!/note.php?note_id=10150106734234406

    If you have any questions, send me a note, I am on facebook, or post your questions to the two groups.

    Together we can make change. Together we can make history. But it takes all of us!

    Hope to see you there.

  • carol mclaughlin

    Hi Ian,

    I think it’s so amazing what you are doing, and can’t be easy when you are in a profession like acting to able to stand by your principals in such a public way. Im Scottish with many close family in Ontario, and will urge them to join this amazing crusade along with many wonderfully kind people in Canada. I read this with a very heavy heart in the UK, and will continue to publicise any form of murder against animals, here and worldwide, as best I can. You are a truly great person, and all animal lovers here in the UK will support the causes here. These dogs are wonderful and loving creatures, how any human can do theses things is evil. Any dog lover knows these dogs make perfect pets, and would surely have found many loving homes, given the chance. Good luck and stay united for the cause – humane treatment of animals, everywhere.