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New iPad App Turns Al Gore's 'Our Choice' Into Interactive Game

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Not everyone is a book person, I get it, but when it comes to important environmental reads like Al Gore‘s Our Choice, it seems critical that we hear the message. Which is why it’s important that Push Pop Press, a stealth startup, created an interactive app version of the book to reach a broader (and more tech savvy) audience.

Unveiled on Tuesday to an audience of TED attendees, the app is intended to give a rich, interactive layer to the book, including an hour and a half of video content, 20 videographics, Gore stepping in to narrate certain passages, and photos that can be plotted on a map so the user knows exactly where it was taken.

Our Choice was originally written as a detailed plan to help solve the climate crisis, and what Push Pop’s technology is able to do is help users feel like they can take an active role in the change. For example, there’s an infographic that allows the user to adjust an individual country’s deforestation and experience the environmental impact in relation to cars off the road. While another feature gives you access to any state of your choosing in the U.S. to gauge their potential for wind energy output.

The iOS interface goes far beyond the means of a Kindle or iBook, and fills the entire screen with content and multimedia items that can be lifted off the screen by the touch of your fingertips. That being said there are no current announcements as to how much this technology will cost consumers, or how Push Pop plans to license out the technology, though the iPad app is set to hit stores at the end of March, so we should know soon enough!

We think this might be a really useful and innovative way to get new readers involved in environmentalism. I mean, when you think about it, it’s essentially turning a book into a video game, right?

Via Mashable

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