I think if I found out that Amy Winehouse was having a garage sale, I’d go just to gawk at all of the paraphernalia she’d collected from her substance abuse/crazy mood swing years. But turns out, as a London charity shop discovered, that you’re more likely to find Winehouse needing to dispose of average celebrity items (i.e. thousands of dollars in designer clothes).

The British singer recently donated over £20,000 worth of designer duds (think Alexander McQueen and Luella Bartley) to a thrift store whose proceeds go directly to charity.

“Amy turned up in a people carrier with loads of stuff in bin liners,” a source told The Sun. “Top, top designer gear. She promised there was more to come. The shop has been going like a fair since word got out.”

Apparently the 27-year-old is moving into a new house, and in the midst of cleaning discovered a lot that she could do without. “You’d imagine half of it would be covered in fag burns and smell of wild nights out but it was all in tip-top condition,” the source added. “Amy was joking with the shop girls that she has become addicted to cleaning.”

It’s great to see Winehouse giving back to her community and fessing up to an addiction to cleaning rather than various other unsavory activities she used to be fond of… She hasn’t always been our fave, as just last year she deserted her 11 cats to jet off to Jamaica, but we’re hoping the good deeds continue. Keep up the good work so you don’t go back to rehab!

Via The Sun