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Bob Barker is up to all kinds of good again.

The former “Price is Right” host announced today that he is giving $2M to the Semper Fi Fund to provide assistance to injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. His hope is that the “donation and support for our young Veterans will inspire others to give and commit to making sure that not one young Marine, sailor, airman and soldier or their family members are in need during their long-term recoveries.”

What’s exceptional about the 87-year-old Barker is that donations of this magnitude are not unusual.

Past years have seen him give $2.5 million to PETA, $1 million to his Alma mater Drury University, $5M to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, $3M for a new Brain Injury Center for wounded soldiers, and $1M to Georgetown University Law Center for the study of animal rights law, among other gifts.

That right: He’s still the man.

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  • Loraine DeGroot

    My husband passed at age 51 of a service connected disability on June 4th last year (2010). Which after he passed I found out that they did not pay for his life insurance like they were suppose to so I am now trying to find a way to pay for his funeral I wish I could fall into the guide line to get some help from Mr. Barker.

  • James Sklar

    Wow, he is an amazing man!

  • herwin

    incredible that veterans welfare and recovery should depend on donations.