by Ali Garfinkel
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>Kamofie & Co., the jewelry store that’s made the recent claims about Lindsay Lohan’s heist of a $2,500 designer necklace, is now saying they’ll be auctioning off the piece for charity.

The security footage of the incident was sold to the Associated Press for around $40,000, and although Lohan claimed that the necklace was a loan, the Venice, CA jewelry store denied this and proceeded to press charges. Grand Theft Uh-Oh!

While it is not certain which charity the auction money will go to yet, Kamofie & Co. is allowing the people to decide on which one will receive the proceeds.

Despite Lohan’s troubled past, I still think this ‘noble effort’ seems a bit calculated— but no matter, I suppose as long as a charity is benefiting from the event, it can’t be that bad, right?

Oh, and as a slightly amusing side note? The auction will not be able to start until the necklace is released from evidence.

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