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The Welsh National Culinary Team has been commissioned to bake a wedding cake in honor of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming nuptials. The Welsh chefs offered to bake a celebratory cake for the couple who have, upon granting the chefs’ request, asked them to donate the confection to a charity that helps young homeless people.

Prince William is a patron of the charity, called Centrepoint, whose aim is to “give homeless young people a future.”

“We are delighted to be receiving a cake from the Welsh National Culinary team,” said Seyi Obakin, chief executive of Centrepoint. “It will be a special way for young people supported by Centrepoint to be involved in our patron’s wedding day celebrations.”

Traditionally, dozens of cakes are made for the royal weddings, though only one is chosen for the special day. In fact, Princess Diana and Prince Charles accepted 23 cakes for their wedding in 1981. However, Middleton has caused a bit of a stir recently by turning down bakers’ applications.

Now, we all must wait patiently until the cake’s unveiling on April 29 to see how amazing it looks.

According to Welsh National Culinary Team Manager Graham Tinsley, “We haven’t yet finalized the decoration. But it will be traditionally Welsh and there’s a good chance that harps, dragons, and the national flag will be represented.”


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  • Madamm Geeky

    Hats and Kate!

    Seriously, watch this video:

    It’s so funny. Good on you Kate.

  • Jennifer C.

    Your kidding me?? They are actually donating cake to homeless people while spending over 32 million pounds of taxpayer money on their wedding…um…does this not remind anyone of Marie Antoinette?? When her people were starving and she said…”Let Them Eat Cake”…this is DISGUSTING news to hear…I am QUITE appalled~!!!