by Ali Garfinkel
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Not even threats from Lady Gaga and her lawyers could stop a London ice cream parlor from selling the now infamous “Baby Gaga” flavor, which is made from real breast milk.

The concern was over using Lady Gaga’s name for a potentially harmful product, but now that health inspectors have deemed it safe for human consumption, the ice cream is back on the market.

Although the flavor reportedly has no traces of any harmful bacteria or viruses, Team Gaga is still against the use of the name for the reason they believe it tarnishes the singer’s “reputation and good will.”

The parlor has a patent pending the name “Baby Gaga,” but they may soon decide to scrap the effort considering the legal battles may cost them up to $81,000, which would bankrupt the entire company.

We’ll be sure to keep you abreast of any new developments!

  • Bobby Fontaine

    The article at the address below is not a spoof,, Lady Gaga says she is going to run for president, read it and you will understand (click on the link or copy and paste it to your browser)

  • Renee

    And Lady Gaga took her name from Radio Gaga from Queen. And babies say Gaga and drink breastmilk. This is monumentally ridiculous… But I guess that’s her style… Never mind the rest of the world…

    • Chris H.


      I was just about to post essentially the same thing that you have, but it seems that you beat me to it… :-)

      Great minds think alike.

      Let me just add this one thing: “Heavens forbid that humans would actually eat something made from human milk instead of cow’s milk!”

      Oh, one more thing:

      All the best,


  • LittleMe

    So they’re worried it may damage her “reputation and good will.” I can’t stand her anyway but surely the fact she’s willing to make such a big issue of something so trivial will put others off her.