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In his latest campaign to help stop animal cruelty in all of its forms, Sir Paul McCartney is asking the public to sign a petition put together by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), asking the EU to ban all cosmetics and similar products that have been tested on animals.

McCartney said, “Animals should not suffer in the name of beauty. Testing toiletries and cosmetics on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Join me in signing the BUAV’s petition to ensure the sale of cruel products in the EU is outlawed by 2013. Say NO to Cruel Cosmetics.”

The UK and EU have already banned products from being tested on animals, but the ban on selling items that have been tested on animals has been rumored to potentially be delayed by as many as ten years. BUAV reports that if that happens, hundreds of thousands of animals would continue to suffer and perish in the name of beauty.

Check out the website where you can sign your name to help animals. I mean, can you really say no to a Beatle?

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  • Louise Berry

    Animal testing should be completely outlawed. It is very cruel and unnecessary. Why should animals be made to suffer for human consumption.

  • Gabi Sabau

    It`s time to stop cruelty all over the World.

  • Jason

    Paul, you are one awesome individual.
    I can’t thank you enough for setting such a great example.
    Rock on man. Rock on.


    BETSSI agrees to and supports this kind of kindness.
    There are so many good and afordable cruelty-free products on the market so everyone has a choice to use them.
    This isn’t just a ‘green’ issue, it’s a very important social issue and when the people of the world speak up together, animal cruelty and vivisection will stop.
    Bravery begins with a decision.
    Well done, Sir Paul.

  • snowisfun

    If they abolish animal experiments, then good. In fact, unless an animal is swiftly killed for food or perhaps to prevent animal overpopulation (hunting pythons, boas & monitor lizards in the Everglades to protect endangered species), they must not kill animals in most cases. To Paul McCartney, after his wife Linda died in 1998 of breast cancer, he said that he has modified his position on animal experiments when it comes to medical purposes. He said that his wife’s death caused him to reevaulate his earlier view against using animal experiments when it comes to diseases. Does any1 here know what his views are on this?

  • snowisfun

    Friday, October 23, 1998 Published at 10:10 GMT 11:10 UK
    Paul’s dilemma over animal testing

    Sir Paul McCartney (right) spoke to broadcaster Des Lynam

    Sir Paul McCartney has given his first broadcast interview since the death of his wife Linda in April.

    Paul McCartney talks to Des Lynam on BBC Radio 2
    Speaking to Des Lynam on BBC Radio 2, the former Beatle tells of the dilemma he faced when he realised the drugs taken by Linda to treat her breast cancer may have been tested on animals.

    Sir Paul is a strict vegetarian and campaigner for animal rights, as was Linda who died in April, aged 56.

    Linda: died of breast cancer
    He said: “I’m finding out now that there is quite a lot of animal experimentation. Some of it, I suppose, absolutely necessary when you come down to the final tests before people.

    “I suppose a limited thing is unavoidable, but it is very difficult for me to think like that because I favour the rights of the animals.”

    Talking about the medication used to treat Linda’s breast cancer, he said: “If a drug has got to be used on humans then legally it has to be finally tested on an animal … This was difficult for Linda when she was undergoing her treatment.”

    Sir Paul welcomed Linda being on stage with him
    Sir Paul revealed that Linda had been kept in the dark about how the drugs she took may have been tested on animals.

    He said: “During the treatment, a nice answer is a nice answer and if they (the doctors) say, `It’s OK to have this because we didn’t test it on animals’, you are going to believe them.”

    Later, in a separate statement, Sir Paul stressed his opposition to animal testing, saying: “I am totally against experiments on animals. I don’t know of a case where it is necessary and I haven’t been persuaded of any case.”

    Sir Paul: May perform live again, possibly next year.
    During the Radio 2 interview Sir Paul comes close to tears when he talks about how hard life is without Linda.

    “We fancied each other something rotten. That’s all it was. To me she was always still my girlfriend,” he said.

    “Our kids used to laugh at us … we’d be standing in the middle of the kitchen kissing and stuff and they’d say `Look at the state of you two!’ and I would say `It’s allowed isn’t it? We’re married’.

    “I just always fancied her and that’s what is so difficult about losing her.”

  • Sharon F.

    It’s great that Paul McCartney wants to stop animal cruelty in all its forms. But Mr. McCartney is a vegetarian, not a vegan. Does he not know that the egg and dairy industries are riddled with heartless, relentless stomach turning animal suffering and cruelty? Mother cows bellowing in despair as their newborn calves are roughly torn from them, as the babies try to suckle the uncaring human fingers that are dragging them away; male chicks ground up alive or thrown into garbage bags to suffocate. . . not to mention that the veal industry could not exist without the dairy industry; the veal industry, where male calves are chained by their necks in spaces so small they CANNOT MOVE for their entire short miserable lives. All this horror and torment inflicted on terrified INNOCENT animals for what? For a goddamn cheese omelet?

  • Whoever…

    There’s no need to test on animals anymore, and that includes medical testing:

    Leave animals worldwide alone once and for all!!

  • Annelies

    Animals testing is cruel and barbaric and outdated and just shows how low the calibre of these people that do so are.