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We’ve become a fan of Russell Brand ever since he gave up meat and dairy in favor of a vegetarian lifestyle, but his recent admission of being obsessed with death to a point of smashing dead animals with a hammer onstage during his live performances has got our fur up.

Apparently the 35-year old included the disturbing scenes in his act because he wanted to “wake people up.” Speaking to journalist Neil Strauss, he said, “I was fixated with dead animals and death. The driving ideology behind what I was doing was pretty safe, right? And I felt that people were spellbound, like they’d been hypnotized, and I had to wake them up. So I would do things to wake them up. Like, I’d have a load of dead rats or dead chicks, like baby birds, on stage.” The Get Him to the Greek actor then added, “And I’d smash them up with a hammer and then throw them into the audience and go, ‘Why are you disgusted? I’ve just rearranged their atoms. They’re dead already. Nothing’s happened. You’re being shocked by nothing.'”

Strauss explained his thoughts on why Brand would commit such horrendous and frankly disgusting acts. “He was clearly on drugs when he smashed the animals on stage,” Strauss stated. “Also, the whole show was about shock value, because at the time he was hungry for attention because he had just started out. He thought this was art, it was important to him— this was him trying to be a rock star, trying to make a point about what is really right from wrong since the animals were dead before he ‘killed’ them. Funnily enough, since then PETA has embraced him and called him the sexiest vegetarian.”

That claim is true, as last year PETA gave Brand the distinct honor of being one of their sexiest vegetarians. Though we doubt that he’ll make any of their lists again.

What do you all think about this?

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  • Jeffrey

    I don’t personally think anyone should be judged in the present by things in their past….especially if they’ve very clearly had a paradigm shift in the interim.

    So if Brand has turned from his dead animal bashing days, i say let the dead rats and chicks rest in pieces…errr, peace.

  • LittleMe

    I can see the logic behind what he did (even in his apparent drug-crazed state) but it does seem quite barbaric. I wouldn’t put it past Peta to award him again though. They simply love Fiona Phillips (a vegetarian ‘celeb’) and Twiggy who’s been involved in their anti-fur campaigns despite the fact both promote Procter and Gamble, notorious for their cruel animal tests (as detailed by many animal charities, including Peta).

  • don miguelo

    Didn’t Marylin Manson already shock-rock everyone enough already? Or Ozzy for that matter? I get this attempt, and it would be safe– except for possible bird flu or bacteria, technically. I suppose I am shock-jaded.

    I guess it bothers me that such means are deemed necessary to “wake people up”. Maybe he should have looked at that, rather than just try to “go beyond” so hard at that stage in his life. That’s a choice he made, but he has since dropped it and become vegetarian. That doesn’t erase what he did but it helps us see that he is oriented better. He has to live with his actions, and figure out if that was truly ok.

    BTW, the same argument could be made for dead human bodies being thrown into an audience, but I doubt that many people (besides my old philosophy teacher) would be ok with that. He has a performance art angle that does generate good questions: Like why is ok to kill to eat an animal, but not ok for entertainment? The animal still dies for us. Or that our foods come from sources that used to have lives, and if we aren’t ok touching that dead body, how can we wear it’s fur or put it’s down in our pillows, etc…

    It is not my place to judge him, I think it’s clear even he himself indicates he exploited the shock of it all to get famous. It really comes down to Respect. Can’t animals get a little respect, especially in death?

    Sounds to me at least that he has better channelled his energy into something more positive these days.

    • Partha

      Ozzy did not intentionally kill the bat. It was thrown up onto the stage by one of the audience and Ozzy mistook it for a rubber bat and decided to incorporate it into his act. Although there is some controversy over weather the bat was live or dead before getting chomped on, I was very clearly an accident on Ozzies part. He had to go to the hospital and get some very painful rabies shots. Although the fate of the bat was much worse then Ozzies even Peta would probably forgive Ozzy. It was 1982 and there were a lot of crazy drugs going around.

  • herwin

    Says who that he is a vegetarian ? Rumor or truth ? the PETA lists are also open for non-veggies, so that really isnt a reliable source, eh.

  • Erin Elizabeth

    while i dont think people should be judged for their past i still don’t understand what talent mr perry has or why anyone bothers to look at him or listen

  • me

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