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Susan Sarandon Asks Americans to Green Their Beverages

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Susan Sarandon was on hand last week at the SodaStream “Cage” Environmental Exhibit in Chicago to bring attention to the number of soda bottles bought and thrown away in the USA every year.

The exhibit is a 6×6×12 cage filled with 10,000 bottles and cans. Based on statistics, in the real world, less than 2,500 of those beverage containers would be recycled. The rest would be doomed to the landfill.

Sarandon said, “I’m here today to shed light on a problem most of us don’t usually think about – the devastating impact of our national bottle habit, especially as it relates to our soda consumption. The recycling rate in America is less than 25 percent. Troubling news to say the least – particularly considering that this means that 141 billion beverage cans and bottles go to landfill each year.”

Over the past few years, environmentalists have been touting reusable bottles with the argument that disposable plastic water bottles are the evil center of the bottle world. Mostly, because people can get water out of their own tap instead of buying it. But wouldn’t soda bottles be just as bad if people could make their own soda at home?

SodaStream, the mind behind the exhibit, is giving consumers the chance to make their own soda so people can enjoy the beverage without making so much trash. Only reusable bottles are required. In thirty seconds, consumers could take their tap water and change it to fizzy water. Add flavor and you’ve got soda.

Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream International, said, “SodaStream is at the pinnacle of this hierarchy, reducing the number of trashed bottles and cans virtually to zero. It’s a complete paradigm shift – a revolution, really – away from the old models of soda consumption. And not only are we reducing the number of containers in the waste stream, we’re also slashing the natural resources used to manufacture and distribute all of those bottles and cans.”

If you’re a soda fanatic, would you make the switch to a device like the SodaStream to help reduce your footprint?

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