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The reason why a lot of eco-consumers don’t indulge in a product like Pepsi is because of the packaging: use of plastic bottles are aren’t biodegradable or compostable. And PepsiCo seems to have picked up on the need for a more environmentally friendly product, as they unveiled a bottle made entirely from plant materials.

The new bottle, made from switch grass, pine bark, corn husks and other materials, is the world’s first bottle to use a common type of plastic called PET, and will reportedly help reduce the carbon footprint of the company and its products. The proposed plan is that Pepsi will eventually also use leftovers from its food business (think orange peels, oat hulls, potato scraps, etc.) to create the bottles.

Pepsi’s competitor, Coca-Cola currently uses a bottle that is composed of 30% plant-based materials, but the company also stated that it would be several years before they could invent a 100% plant-based bottle. Pepsi seems to have figured out the formula, “We’ve cracked the code,” said Rocco Papalia senior vice president of advanced research at PepsiCo.

According to Papalia the new bottle looks and feels exactly the same as their old packaging, and doesn’t effect the taste of their Pepsi product. “It’s indistinguishable,” he remarked. Additionally the new plastic is not expected to cost any more than their old plastic would, and this new discovery could potentially change the food industry standard for plastic packaging.

This is another step in a recent slew of eco-changes that PepsiCo has been making. As the company recently created a fully compostable bag for their SunChips products, and their Naked Juice line is currently being switched to a bottle made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. According to the company, of their 19 biggest brands 11 of those are beverage brands that utilize PET.

The new plant-based bottles will be tested in 2012 with a few hundred thousand bottles, and once production of the bottle can be ensured the company has vowed to convert all of their products to the eco-friendly material.

Via Huffington Post

  • herwin

    Hoorray for PEPSI !

  • Remy Chevalier

    Sadly that won’t help what’s inside.

    • herwin

      no animals were killed so PEPSI is fine with me…

      • Remy Chevalier

        Maybe you should google: pepsico animal rights