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There’s an axiom in modern politics that states “if you’re explaining, then you’re losing.” Well if that holds true, then High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is losing.

You may recall a series of TV commercials from the Corn Refiners Association that tried to defend HFCS. You may also recall how condescending and annoying they were. “Saturday Night Live” certainly remembers, and they made a mock commercial to remind the rest of us.

In the spot, one mother (the always-hilarious Kristin Wiig) confronts another (new cast member Nasim Pedrad) at a birthday party about the HFCS drink she’s serving. The HFCS mother retaliates, but takes it to a whole new level.

Who is right? Princeton scientists have concluded that although the arguments of HFCS proponents might seem reasonable, the facts just don’t match up: in a study feeding HFCS or natural sugar to two sets of rats (poor rats), the ones taking in HFCS gained more weight and more fat around their abdomens.

The great thing about the SNL video is that the big reveal at the end shows what really happens if you drink HFCS all the time: you turn into Bobby Moynihan.

Check out the SNL commercial below, followed by the original:

  • don miguelo

    OK First off, I remember those commercials, and they were so condescending I thought they were an SNL Digital Short the 1st time!

    These are better though.

    Second: Rats ain’t humans, test results are therfore fundamentally flawed. Don’t believe the hype, Princeton or no.
    Here’s a idea of what I am talking about from the Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine:

  • akaMat

    I absolutely do not trust what any corporation says. I have learned too much
    now they will have to kill me.

  • Remy Chevalier

    Kristin Wiig is a riot in Paul, a really cute movie… then I sneak to see the end of Battle LA, a shameless recruiting film with all the retired war cliche rolled into one.