LivingSocial deals typically consist of things like 40% off on yoga classes, or half off of French cuisine by the beach, but yesterday the social buying company announced a deal that no one should pass up. For the next 24 hours the company is offering users a chance to contribute to the relief efforts in Japan, because for every $5 donation a user makes, LivingSocial will double it.

According to the website, “Due to Friday’s 9.0-magnitude earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent after shocks, Japan is suffering from what its prime minister is calling the ‘worst crisis since WWII.’ The country’s northern coast has been totally devastated, leaving the land and the people in ruins. Just like you, we here at LivingSocial want to lend a hand, so we are going to match your donations.”

The company then explained the details of the deal, “For each $5 donation through this offer, we will also donate $5 to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund, for a total contribution of up to $2 million. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy, and hope that by merging our efforts with yours and working directly with the American Red Cross, we can help with immediate aid and long-term recovery plans in Japan.”

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen, Edward Norton, and Kim Kardashian have been raising money and spreading awareness, so why not join them?

To buy into this great deal, click here and donate now!


  • Nora Shekmer

    Daily deals offers can be a great way to help people in need. This particular offer from LivingSocial is going to help a lot of people in Japan who really need our help right now.

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