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I really, really like Michelle Obama. Especially since hearing that the first lady will be penning a book about her White House garden with all proceeds from the sales going to charity!

The as-of-yet-to-be-named book will be published in April 2012 by the Crown publishing group at Random House. It will explore her efforts to improve healthy eating with her “Let’s Move!” campaign, and also describe how she was inspired to plant the first edible garden on the White House’s South Lawn. in addition the book promises to reveal Michelle’s favorite healthy recipes— which we know will include a lot of veggies!

According to the Crown publishing group, Michelle recieved no advance for the book and instead has decided to donate all of the proceeds to charity, though a specific charity has yet to be announced.

We think it’s wonderful that the first lady is taking such an active role in promoting healthy eating, way to lead by example!

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  • http://www.gardennut.com Ana

    I really like how she is promoting sustainable and edible gardenning.

    I would also like you to visit my website to do more of that.


  • Mari

    It doesn’t matter that she donates to charity. She has side-stepped the organic movement and ignored the fact her husband and his trolls have and will approve GMO’s in our foods. They are Monsanto’s B&+ches!!