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“True Blood” star Stephen Moyer may play a vampire on TV, but in real life he has something new to sink his fangs into: charity.

The British actor has teamed up with the charity organizations Facing the World and Facing the Atlantic, which help to raise funds to provide surgeries for children with facial disfigurement. Facing the Atlantic is currently sponsoring the Atlantic Woodvale race, as James Cash and actor Bertie Portal attempt to row a two-man boat from the Canary Islands to Barbados. Portal has been a close friend of Moyer’s for years, and served as his best man at his marriage to “True Blood” co-star Anna Paquin.

Moyer is taking a different (and much less dangerous) approach to raising money for the charity. In addition to urging users on his fansites and to donate, Moyer plans on auctioning off a collection of items, the proceeds of which will go directly to Facing the World. Moyer has a number of signed photos up for auction, the first of which sold for $830 after receiving over 50 bids!

The auctions will run through the end of this year, and the row will happen on December 4th, 2011. Luckily, those two will be far enough south that it won’t be too cold. You can find out more and donate at the Facing the Atlantic website, or check out the entries on Moyer’s fansite for details.

See? Vampires aren’t all bad, now are they?

  • Lynnpd Truebloodonline

    We, who are the admins of the sites, and, are thrilled to be able to support such a worthy charity for our 2011 Fundraiser. Helping children is a cause we can certainly easily embrace.

    What James and Bertie are doing is inspirational, to say the least, and the help it will give to the children is so worth the effort.

    We hope that with Stephen Moyer’s support and also along the the help of the other fan sites that are participating, such as, we will generate lots of giving.

  • Maria Andersson

    This is such a great cause to support, those children really need help! As a Stephen Moyer fan I’m very glad to contribute to it!

    • Maria Andersson

      And not to forget, Stephen is always very caring and generous, he has a beautiful soul and a big heart. His friends are very brave to do this journey and I really wish them good luck and I hope there will be a lot of money to this charity.

  • Charli Barfield

    Obviously, Stephen (or Bill) Is always generouse! Us Stephen and Bill lovers are very exited about this!!! (: <3 Goodjob Stephen! We <3 you!

  • Rowena

    Kudos to Stephen for his support of this very worthy charity. As a member of and I am pleased to do what I can on behalf of the children who will receive these life-affirming surgeries. My hat is off to Mr. Portal and Mr. Cash as they gear up for their daunting sea voyage. Any and all contributions to Facing the World and Facing the Atlantic will be greatly appreciated.

  • Clair lusher

    Stephen is an amazing person, such a kind heart and always thinking about others, some of these so called hollywood stars should take a look at Stephen and Anna to see what true stars are, how they use their celebrity to help others and not for selfish reasons like some

  • Lisa

    I am not surprised by this at all, Stephen Moyer is a wonderful man with a HUGE Heart, nothing but love and respect for him, no wonder he is so adored.

  • Andrea Bird

    Stephen is such a generous man and this is such a worthy cause all us fans are willing to help !!

  • Sheryl

    Woo hoo! is so proud to partner with The Vault and All Stephen Moyer in this fund raiser. We’re having a good time and there are a lot of cool things coming up. Watch our sites and help a nice guy raise money for a great cause!

  • Tigereyes

    Stephen is an amazing humanitarian, always thinking of others and how he might help. No wonder we love him so. Great cause Stephen.

  • http://facebook fbforbill

    We love you Stephen and we are proud to support a loving a wonderful man. I think your friends are great to. Love you and your friends for thinking of children. “If you bless the least of these you bless me.”
    God Bless you in everything you do.
    Love fbforbill and all the girls who love you as you and Bill. Hugs to Anna from me to.

    • http://facebook fbforbill

      aka Cindyloo on your

  • Lizzie1701

    Good on you Stephen, Bertie, James and Stephen’s fan sites! Great cause and I will be donating!

  • Rowena

    Major kudos to Messrs Portal and Cash for undertaking this daunting sea journey on behalf of disfigured children … and to Stephen for his tireless support of this wonderful cause. I am proud to be Stephen Moyer’s fan.