On Saturday, March 19th we attended the Genesis Awards as they celebrated their 25th anniversary, with big name celebs like Betty White, Emily Deschanel, Leona Lewis, Olivia Munn, Valerie Bertinelli, Michael Vartan, Brendan Brazier and Sex and the City alum Kristin Davis receiving their Wyler Award.

The ceremony was held by the Humane Society of the United States and pays tribute to the media outlets who have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about animal rights issues— something we definitely endorse– and we were on the red carpet and in the ceremony to get you all of the insider details!

Wayne Pacelle, the president and CEO of the Humane Society told us, “I just appreciate all of the different outlets that are raising awareness about our issues… We’re here to celebrate them collectively.”

And celebrate they did! There was a red carpet before the show where we got to interview some of the media stars who have been working to raise awareness about animal rights. Like Michael Webber, whose film The Elephant in the Living Room was nominated and won for the Best Documentary category. “It feels kinda funny to have been running around documenting lions and tigers and catching snakes and so forth, to actually be here in a suit and a tie. I feel a little out of place but it feels great to be here.”

We also spotted Lincoln O’Barry, who worked on The Cove and is part of the team behind the Animal Planet show “Blood Dolphins.”  He told us, “Last year we were here supporting The Cove, and this year we’re back supporting ‘Blood Dolphins,’” which was also nominated and recognized for its efforts against dolphin abuse.

Another nominated Animal Planet star who walked the carpet was Shorty Rossi and his dog Hercules from the show “Pit Boss,” which focuses on rehabilitating pit bulls. “I’m letting Hercules see the good life,” Rossi stated. And when asked if Hercules would be served any gourmet meal during the ceremony, Rossi told us, “If not we may knock something off the table just for him.”

If Hercules was fed any scraps you can be sure they were the best in vegan cuisine! Guests were served up a three-course meal from celeb chef Tal Ronnen, and we can tell you that the best part was definitely the main course, a mushroom ravioli with gardein chick’n in a chanterelle dusted sauce. So yummy!

Some award highlights included The Colbert Report’s win for the Sid Caesar Comedy Award, and Stephen Colbert‘s hilarious acceptance speech, and True Blood snagging the Outstanding Dramatic Series Award. For a full list of all of last night’s winners, click here!

  • mister jingles

    I just love it!

  • http://www.all-creatures/gcm Jan Fredericks

    Can you have one on the East coast?
    If there is anyone in NJ or NY area, God’s Creatures Ministry is having a vegan fundraiser dinner at Veggie Heaven on April 30th. We are a non-profit organization by volunteers. We teach and practice compassion for all animals and try to help people in the USA through our Animal Caregiver/Veterinary Charity Fund (which runs out often). For more information please check out our Meet-Up page.

    Thank you for all you do to help bring awareness of compassion for animals. We hope to make April “Christian Animal Kindness Awareness Month”!

    God’s Creatures Ministry