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Photo: Andy Neuenschwander

Lincoln O’Barry has grown up surrounded by dolphins, thanks to his activist dad, Ric O’Barry, and the two even worked on The Cove together. But their latest project is an Animal Planet show called “Blood Dolphins,” which was nominated at last night’s 2011 Genesis Awards.

We caught up with the dolphin activist on the red carpet and were able to score an exclusive interview. “Last year we were here supporting The Cove, and this year we’re back supporting ‘Blood Dolphins,’” he said.

Then we asked Lincoln about the early end to this year’s whaling season, and what he made of that. “It’s great that it ended early, you know, it’s all part of that exterior pressure on Japan. Also, the dolphin hunt in Taiji ended a month early as well,” Lincoln stated. “I have a feeling with commercial whaling, like what you see on Sea Shepherd, that’s probably over, because that’s a heavily government subsidized industry.” He then further explained, “So, I can’t see them subsidizing something that loses money every year when they’re going to be in a money crunch. But coastal whaling’s another issue.”

With work still to be done, we asked Lincoln if he has any plans to continue his efforts in Taiji, where his groundbreaking work on the documentary The Cove took place. “In the next couple of months we’re organizing a huge concert here [Los Angeles] for relief efforts for those towns [Taiji],” he said. but if you’re looking for ways to help sooner, Lincoln told us, “Right now on there’s a list of links that you can go to to help.”

We’ll keep you posted on the concert details as they come!

  • sidewinder

    The terrible butchery of dolphins, whales and porpoises will eventually come to an end. It is shame that it is taking longer than anyone ever thought…

  • Michael Raymer

    Well, he mentioned SSCS, but I don’t see where he “praised” them. I’m just saying, when I read the headline, I had all kinds of potential comments ready to go. But, if he had any hard feelings toward Sea Shepherd, he wouldn’t have made a quote like that, so it’s all good.

    In another thread, I predicted the end of Antarctic whaling for the same reasons. Money is going to be too tight for Japan to continue such a useless and abhorent practice.

    P.S. – I assume, from reading Micks posts, that he lives in Japan. Could I ask the admins to shoot him an email and find out if he is alright. We hate each other but I would never wish harm on a debate adversary. I’d appreciate it if we could check up on him.

    • Mick

      @Michael Raymer
      I appreciate your concern. Yes, I do live in Japan. However, my family, friends and I are all fine. I do have friends in the JGSDF who have been deployed to the disaster area and I have aquaintences who have lost their homes. There are many people who are suffering from this disaster and are need of all the help that people can give. They most certainly do not need the many comments I have seen on the internet stating that they deserve this catastrophe because of Pearl Harbor or because of the whale and dolphin hunts. I donated some money to help the victims of this disaster the other day. The elderly lady who took my donation bowed and APOLOGIZED to me for causing ME the trouble of donating. These are the most gracious and civilized people I have ever had the privilage to meet. They absolutely do not deserve this tragedy that has befallen them. By the way, I do not hate you. I do not know you well enough to like or dislike you.

      • Michael Raymer

        Whew, good to see you’re alright.

        The comments made by some people make me despair for the species. I’m glad I’m not like them.

        And I don’t “hate” you either. I was being figurative in the context of our debates here.

      • Kevin

        Mick, glad you’re ok. Michael, nicely done to reach out like that.

  • Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

    Very cool! I had no idea Ric O’Barry had a son. I hope his prediction is correct!

  • Barbara Nock

    Love the work of Rick and Lincon O’Barry. ‘The Cove’ rightfully won an Oscar and it seems like the tide is changing as more and more are waking up to what is going on around us. We are interested to see this latest movie ‘Blood Dolphins.’ In Scotland a new Facebook group was created to ‘Save Scotland’s Seals from being Killed’ with almost a 1000 supporters in 5 days! The reason for this group the Scottish Government have issued licences to kill 1298 seals this year is to protect the fish farmers. There is support from people from over 20 countries and it will be interesting to see how many other countries join in the list. I hope it is okay to add the link here for this group!/SealScotland and on Twitter!/SealScotland Thank you Ecorazzi for the work you do as well. X

  • Jamie McCroskey

    “commercial whaling” That’s Iceland and Norway.

    • boo radley

      Well it is now…its all thats left.

      It looks like the whaling in Japan has come pretty much to an end.

  • Eric

    Taiji is a small town. The residents depend on catching dolphins. Dolphin is a poor person’s food. These are people just trying to get by. Eating dolphins is their thing. Dolphins aren’t in any danger of extincition. The “Flipper” guy spent millions to harass and defame one little village. Focus on whales if you have a crush on sea mammals. There are bigger fish to fry….