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“Perfect Couples” star Olivia Munn is normally very outspoken about animal rights. So if you get a few drinks in her, she’s very outspoken.

Munn was guest-hosting “The Today Show” with Hota Kotb on St. Patrick’s Day and enjoying some green beer when the topic of marriage proposals came up. The two were discussing a poll that said that one out of every four brides didn’t like the way they were proposed to when Kotb brought up her own proposal from the past. As soon as she mentioned that she was proposed to on a horse-drawn carriage ride, Munn couldn’t help asking, “Did you watch and 80’s chick flick and then go off, and then did you realize that it’s really horrible to ride in those carriages?”

Kotb didn’t seem to understand Munn’s seriousness at first, and laughed her off. But when Munn continued and asked, “You accepted a proposal on a carriage ride in Central Park, what does that say about you?” Kotb’s smile hardened a bit.

“That says that I’m a romantic, don’t you think?” she responded.

Obviously Kotb didn’t know that Munn is heavily involved with PETA, and has spoken out in the past about horse-drawn carriage rides, calling them “the farthest thing from romantic.”

So, here’s an equation for you: Olivia Munn + alcohol + uninformed remarks about animal cruelty = great television. Incidentally, Munn continued to drink for the rest of the show and ended up being pretty tipsy by the end, at one point declaring, “I just realized, I’m now going to be on The Soup now, aren’t I?”

Munn hosted an anti-fur fashion event back in February and made an appearance at the Humane Society’s Genesis Awards last night to present an award. So, lest anyone doubt her, let it be known: Olivia Munn can defend the rights of animals whether she’s sober or not. That’s dedication.

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  • DL

    I have no idea about this as I didn’t see it. But, if true, why are hosts ok with being on air and drinking? Seems seriously unprofessional and not very smart. However, I do agree about being anti-horse carriages. But there’s a time and a place.

  • DL

    Ok, just realized the video is posted and I watched it. Can’t believe there is this much drinking on a “news” show (and I like to drink). But, C’mon.

  • Garden Girl

    Olivia Mumm is sassy… I think she deserves to be cut a little slack on St Patrick’s day!

  • lizzie

    Well it struck me as rude actually

  • Christina Hansen

    Meanwhile, as Ms. Munn was spouting off ignorantly, Paddy the NYC carriage horse was busy getting ready to take Mary Higgins Clark up 5th Ave. for the 250th St. Patrick’s Day Parade… the first carriage horse allowed in the parade in a quarter of a millennium. He and his people (who treat him exceptionally well, and have done so for the past 11 years) did a stellar job.

    Ms. Munn doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Period. I’ve been to the stables where Paddy and his other horse friends live. He’s got it made!

    Carriage rides are not horse cruelty, and congratulations to Ms. Kotb for getting engaged on a romantic ride in Central Park years ago!