April 29th is almost upon us, which means the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is almost here!

We’ve continually been impressed by how green this couple seems to be; exchanging fair trade rings, donating their wedding cake to the homeless, moving into an eco-mansion, and asking for charity donations instead of wedding gifts. It had also been rumored that the couple would forgo the traditional horse-drawn carriage in favor of cars for the ceremony, but that rumor is officially false— as it has been announced that not one, but five horse-drawn carriages will make up the wedding procession.

The royal couple are reportedly using the 1902 State Landau coach that Prince Charles and Princess Diana used for their 1981 wedding, it will take the bride and groom from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, where wedding celebrations will continue.

In total there is expected to be five horse-drawn carriages, with the 2nd and 3rd carriages taking the Best Man, Prince Harry, and the Maid of Honor, Pippa Middleton (Kate’s sister). The 4th carriage hosting Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh, while the 5th and final carriage will cart Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Plenty of celebs have spoken out against the use of horse-drawn carriages, with Glee actress Lea Michelle being the face of a PETA campaign against the practice in Central Park, and Perfect Couples star Olivia Munn chastising “Today Show” host Hota Kotb on live TV for using a horse-drawn carriage.

What do you think about this latest royal development?

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  • shelly

    I won’t watch if they do use the horse drawn carriages. They should be using eco cars. Set an example to the rest of the wealthy and travel in cars that don’t use fossil fuels, and don’t use other species who have to haul an obscene amount of weight and travel on roads that aren’t good for their feet or backs. It would be a perfect wedding if they kept the horses out of it.

  • mister jingles

    and his grandmother shall put her fur hat??????????

  • http://www.theveganpledge.com Meredith Simonds

    If they do indeed go through with the horse drawn carriages, at least it’s an opportunity to shine a big spotlight on this often overlooked animal welfare issue. Nothing gets our attention quite like a royal wedding.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christina-Hansen/2727749 Christina Hansen

      Agreed. Hopefully William and Kate using horse-drawn carriages will help EDUCATE the public that there is NOTHING inherently wrong with horses working in harness… It would be a good opportunity for the royal couple to point out that people need to stop focusing on the slandered carriage horses and start focusing their equine welfare efforts where it’s really needed – with the horses that are abandoned to slaughter because they’re owners can’t afford them and their horses (which are not honest working horses) are treated as “disposable” luxury items.

  • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

    many guest will wear fur and it won’t be a vegan wedding dinner, so HORSE CARRIAGE ?? BIG DEAL, small potatoes ! besides, like it or not, these aren’t abused tourist horses from NYC but horses who are living a good life.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christina-Hansen/2727749 Christina Hansen

      Herwin, the carriage horses in NYC aren’t abused. Try learning something about horses and researching the issue yourself, instead of listening to Lea Michele (who points out her own anthopocentric bias when she whines that *she* wouldn’t want to go outside in inclement weather, so she assumes that horses feel the same way about, uh, weather, as she does…)

      It is believed that Kate will not be arriving at the church in a carriage because 1) she wants “to arrive as a commoner and leave as a royal” and 2) she’s allergic to horses and doesn’t want to get all puffy eyed and snotty before the ceremony.

      There is NOTHING (and I repeat NOTHING) inherently cruel about a horse working in harness. It is believed that horses were domesticated to work in harness before anyone thought to get on their backs, and working in harness is far better for the horses’ joints and legs than being ridden.

      I say, huzzah for horse-drawn carriages and tradition! And it IS a green way to travel, too. Horses are essentially solar powered. Electric cars require the mining of rare earth elements in China (which is destroying the environment there) and the production of electricity, which, at this point most likely involves burning fossil fuels or using nuclear reactors. Great choice, right?

      Going green takes real horsepower!

      • georgina

        “working in harness is far better for the horses’ joints and legs than being ridden”

        Let’s say that is true for a second, so what? What difference does that make when the horses are forced to work under sweltering heat, freezing cold, and all sorts of weather extremes, only to be stored at night in a place that don’t even resemble a stable?

        Do you own a horse-drawn carriage company or something like that?

        That is one more representation of animal exploitation.

        Hey, they are big and strong, why not hook their harness to a big old carriage to pull lazy-people-that-would-be-better-off-walking around?