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Bigfoot, is that you?! A North Carolina man, Thomas Byers, seems to think he spotted the hairy creature on a home video filmed in Rutherford County on Tuesday.

On his website, Byers excitedly writes, “On the evening of Tuesday March 22, 2011 I and a friend of mine Carolyn Wright were driving down Golden Valley Road in northern Rutherford County North Carolina just off Highway 226 when we both observed a large upright brown furry animal between six and seven feet tall come up out of the field beside the road and then it ran across the road in front of the pick up truck we were in.”

I am all for the existence of Bigfoot— I like thinking that there may be a monkey/man/hairy creature lurking around the woods with a bigfooted family carrying on his legacy. And it’s not just me, there’s even a reality TV show on finding Bigfoot in the works.

But, unfortunately, the 5 second clip is out of focus, fuzzy, and doesn’t show enough detail to convince me that this is at all Mr. Bigfoot. Also seems awfully convenient that his camera was on while driving… I dunno, just me?

What do you think? Is this the “real” bigfoot?

  • Michael Raymer

    Shenanigans!!! Seriously, what is this, the 1970s all over again? I couldn’t get a picture that fuzzy if I tried. Epic Fail.

  • stonemason89

    On his way to file for his very own 2012 Presidential campaign, I bet.

  • boo radley

    Glen Inwood on his way to a job interview

  • JT

    Where is the clown car and the elephants? Looks like a clip from Specterman! Hhwhat in da sam hell? I tell hue hwhat Bobby, dat boy just ain’t right!!!

  • Alice Huff

    This proof is for Bill B. who is hot on the trail of Bigfoot in Okla.