by Ali Garfinkel
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And in the best way possible. Actor/comedian Hal Sparks paid a recent visit to Alfalfa Restaurant located in Lexington, KY — which has a complete vegetarian menu, something that Sparks claims “was an impossibility just five years ago.”

The star took notice of how eating habits in certain locations have changed, noting that most places like South Carolina or Montana only have places like “Ted’s Fried Death Café” to eat — not full on, healthy vegetarian-style restaurants.

Although still an omnivorous restaurant, the ‘default’ selections of most dishes are vegetarian. For example, if you order a quesadilla, you must specify if you want to add the meat, it doesn’t automatically come that way. By keeping their foods without a ‘meat standard,’ the restaurant is able to stay as veg-friendly as possible.

And, as a bonus, the restaurant website tells how to make nearly a dozen desserts yourself — doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

  • Christina Hansen

    Where’s Hal Sparks been? Alfalfa Restaurant has been serving mostly vegetarian dishes for more than 20 years! This is not something that is at all new in Lexington! (BTW… Why the anti-Kentucky bias? Lexington was also one of the first to institute a public smoking ban – before NYC! – and did it in the heart of tobacco country.)

    • herwin

      Great and informative post, Christina ! :-)