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This amazing picture (no doubt you’ve seen something like this before) was recently taken outside Tahoe Donner Ski Resort in California. According to The Weather Channel, the Lake Tahoe area this season has received some 600 inches (or more than 50 feet!) of snow. There have even been some unofficial reports of storms dropping 100 inches in only a few days. And the fun’s not over – TWC predicts more storms will hit the region this week producing even more of the white stuff.

Check out their incredible slideshow of this year’s massive snowfall totals here. What’s the most snow you’ve ever seen?

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  • Popsicle

    How ’bout that global warming?

  • Evan

    Pretty sure that’s the Carson Spur, not Tahoe Donner. Could be wrong but that’s the original article with this photo said.

  • Jay G

    Just left Squaw Valley,,,,,snow was chest high skiing down the mountain..insane..

  • Skier666

    I took that photo. Carson Spur in February 2011. Not even close to Tahoe Donner. That was 20 feet ago. Haha. Fail.