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Justin Bieber is so charitable (how charitable is he?) that even his hair is raising money to help Japan.

OK Magazine is reporting that the Stone Rose men’s apparel company has a lock of Bieber’s hair that they plan to put on display. At the event, being held on March 29th at the Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge in Miami Beach, fans will be able to give a suggested donation and take a picture with the piece of Justin’s hair. All of the proceeds will go toward tsunami relief funds for Japan.

For those who think the idea is ridiculous, just take a look at Twitter and read some of the tweets from Bieber’s most die-hard fans. You’ll change your tune.

This isn’t the first time Bieber’s hair has raised money for charity: following his haircut earlier this month, Bieber brought a lock to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to present it as a gift to Ellen. Together, they chose a charity and the lock of hair went up on eBay. Eventually the hair sold for over $40,000.

In addition to Bieber’s hair-related charity work, the singer has donated to Christie’s Green Auction, raised money for clean water for his birthday, and is contributing to a charity album to be released soon, with proceeds going toward aid for Japan.

What has your hair done today?

  • Arya

    I think that’s great because if people get houses to live under it’s all from Justin so anybody who does clown on Justin think again and then clown on itself if u have the guts.

  • whitney

    This makes me so, so, so, soooooo sad for our future. So sad.

  • herwin

    Charly Sheen, where are you ?

  • The SEO Consulting Guy

    I only do not acquire acquire this “Bieber Fever”? I guess them proves having the actual perfect promoting anybody can end up being a superstar. Given I realize he or she is worked well a new morceau to help get where he is.