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Alec Baldwin has always been generous with his cash, but the last few weeks in particular have seen him opening his wallet to an institution near and dear to his heart: the arts.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the “30 Rock” actor recently donated $1M to the NY Philharmonic, as well as $500K to the Roundabout Theatre Company. The acts of charity are all part of his plan to draw awareness to the power of the arts – and help turn the tide in deep funding cuts slamming groups around the country.

Like he has done in the past, Baldwin is donating the paychecks he gets hawking services for companies in commercials, a move he says is a win/win for both parties.

“When I did that Hulu spot in 2009, I gave all the money I received to my alma mater, New York University,” he told the Journal. “I had a couple of people come to me to do more advertisements. When you do commercials in the U.S., people don’t always smile on that. There’s a perceived negative frailty. With Capital One, the point isn’t me getting money and then giving it to charity. It’s about Capital One partnering with me. They’re joining me with this online component and this is something I want to build with them.”

Baldwin goes on to say that while he’s wealthy, his bank account by no means matches the Warren Buffets or Bill Gates of the world. His dream, however, would be to have that kind of cash to help others with. “There’s a crushing need everywhere, including Haiti, the Gulf and Japan. And private giving is relied upon now more than ever. All I’m trying to figure out is: How can I get my hands on more money? How can I set up a food company like Paul Newman that prints money? Could I sell hair gel?”

At the end of the interview, there’s a bit of a tease that Baldwin could once again run for political office in an effort to do ever more good. Check out the full interview here.

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