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A small update on the state of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch has surfaced – giving hope that the entire estate isn’t just being left to rot.

According to Colony Capital’s Tom Barrack, whose firm owns part of the rights to the 2,800 acre spread, the late Jackson’s former home is being well looked after.

“Our plans have been to work to restore it to its original greatness,” he told Bloomberg TV. “The place is amazing. It has not only the beautiful spirit and softness of Michael, but a legacy of a thousand years of Indian culture that had transacted upon it. We have just been restoring it, renovating it.”

Barrack added that they have no plans to commercialize the property and are simply in a holding pattern until Michael Jackson’s estate figures out what direction they would like to take the ranch in. As we reported last November, Michael’s children are in agreement that the place become ‘some kind of community park and center for animals’.

So, hang in there MJ fans. You may yet get to visit Neverland.

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  • Elizabeth Orozco

    IT would be so great to see Neverland and walk where Michael walked and see his beautiful home that he lived at for many years, He was such a beautiful person and I will always love him. He will always be in my heart. The only reason he left is because of greedy people who lied wanted to get money from him and the police was too stupid to realize that.

  • Natalia Wright

    keep me updated on when neverland will be open to the public

  • Dazook Maclavah

    Last I heard it was under consideration to become a music school. Just goes to show you how the best laid plans of mice and men go astray. Some say that it’s haunted now. Maybe Ghost Hunters can do an investigation there and catch some EVP’s or an image of Michael walking around. Maybe MJ could tell them what the truth really is. That would certainly be a thriller!

  • Luz Angela

    Si, seria lo ideal que se restaure y siga funcionando como lugar para recreacion con animales como antes, cuando Michael vivia alli.

  • http://Google Cappie Hall

    Before each and everyone of us enters into this world, we are all given certain talents. Some may have more than others, that is what makes us so uniquely different. Those of us who knew Micheal personaly, were Blessed to be in the company of a very special person. For his fans, they thought he was the greastest sensation the public had ever witness. He was!He gave of himself more than we ever realized, but not until his death did the public find out, how human he really was. The same passion that burned within him when he was on stage performing, was the same passion he poured his heart into when giving to those that were in need. “What can I do to help” was all he ever asked. The media made him out to be a freak of nature, Wacko Jacko the Bristish tabloids nabbed him. Bizzaire some even referred to him as being. Rev. Sharpeton phrased it so well, there was nothing, nothing, strange about Michael Jackson, but what he endured during his life time from those who really DIDN’T KNOW HIM was STRANGE! NOW THAT BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT IS GONE! I sometimes wonder what it is some of them do, since Michael is no longer around to stalk, gossip, and rip apart. His family, friends and fans will keep that beautiful spirit alive through his many charities he sponsered and his music and dance that has us all moving, tapping a foot or snapping our fingers. Michael has crossed over into another world where he can be free to sing and dance and be as creative as he so desires. Dance on beautiful one, dance on.

    • Susan L. Trout

      Dear Cappy,

      Thank you! Your comments are lovely and perfectly describe Michael. Although I never met him, spending the last 22 months researching his life has given me just a brief glimpse of what an irreplaceable gift he was to our world. To have known him personally would have been nothing short of a treasure. I’m sure your memories of him are precious.

      He will live forever in our hearts!

      God bless you!

  • Susan L. Trout

    One day in the not-too-distant future, I hope to visit Neverland, even if it’s just to stand outside the gates and sit solemnly still and meditate. He loved Neverland. His experiences and memories of waking up in such a beautiful and serene world each morning, of frolicking and playing with the many underprivileged and sick children whom he invited to spend the day, the incredible words and melodies that flowed so freely into his creative mind as he sat atop that mighty oak “giving tree” far, eclipse the intrusive and ugly reach of the obsessed and greed-driven. As his fans, we will work tirelessly to erase all traces of misunderstanding and false impression. It is our heartfelt desire that the only words spoken about Michael Jackson will be words of kindness, respect and love.

    Our world was not nearly ready to embrace such a beautiful soul as Michael Jackson. Oh, sure, many loved his music and brilliant entertainment, but it was his unselfish, caring heart that people sadly missed most of the time. His elevated consciousness was light years ahead of most of us. I wonder if we’ll ever evolve and fulfill our true potential as human beings. He was love, light and magic. We’ll never have all three in one being again!

    I imagine Michael with our Heavenly Father, and appointed as the Guardian Angel of All Children. I’m sure he’s overjoyed now, having welcomed home, forever, his dearest and most beloved friend, Dame Elizabeth Taylor.
    May their joy and happiness ring sweetly through the heavens.

    We’ll love you forever Michael and we pray and hold good thoughts for your beloved children and family. May God bless and watch over them always.

  • Pookie

    Oh Susan, he’s just going to give you a big hug and a kiss when you get to Heaven. You’re his special heroine, I’m sure of it. So sweet!

  • michael

    i do not think neverland will ever open to the public. it will be nice if it did since it could provide jobs for people who live in calforina.

    here are two reason why i think it will not open to the public. unless they can work things out with people who leave around there.

    1. the people who live around there want there Privacy and have said in the past they will protest and kick there mayor out of office if he would let this happen.

    2. there raod to get into neverland is on a two way raod. only one in and out. if they opened it they would have to make to more then two lines. but this problem could be fixed if they built a welcome center a couple of miles away where they buy tickets and then take a bus which would take people to neverland and back to the welcome center.

    this second part is what they do at graceland and it work great for them so they control the people getting in and out.

  • shells

    Can this story be confirm. Tjed? If so, please advise whom with. Thank you.

  • Linda Hughes

    I’m glad to hear they are restoring his place that is good news. I think his house should remain closed as that was his private place, and should remain that way. However I would love to walk the grounds and sit and take it all in, in the quietness of his special place. He was a unique person and we will never see the likes of him again in our lifetime, he helped a lot of people he had a huge heart and was truly a inspiration to us all. What a great loss to the world. My thoughts & prayers continue for his children, family and friends.

  • Eco Mama

    Will it be deeded to the Nature Conservancy or Trust for Public Land?

    If not, will the structures become LEED platinum or at least LEED gold?

  • mr.stacy

    I rented a helicopter and flew over neverland Jan.2011. It looked OK. The funny thing was – two of the security people were playing tennis on his tennis court. I did not notice until I landed and looked at my pics. I wish I could have landed. I hope they open it too the public. They could make money. That is what they want! Open it. Fans would be happy and money would be made. Going back in September.

  • Pedro Guirado

    If Neverland opens to the public, I would certainly go to the USA with the primary purpose – visit Neverland.

    Please open soon! Can’t wait!

  • D. Anderson

    We would like to see Neverland Ranch turned into a Amusement Park for kids with a Museum made out of the Mansion, it just seems to be something as a Tribute to Michael that he made magical.