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Alicia Silverstone played model for a day with Vogue magazine. The eco-activist and author of The Kind Diet graces the pages of the magazine’s April issue, on newsstands now.

The photo shoot took place at Los Angeles based farm animal sanctuary, Animal Acres, and shows Silverstone (along with her baby bump) in a flowing, ethereal dress.

On her blog, the 34-year-old said of the shoot, “I got to lie right under a pig, hang out with some cows and sit in a barn with a bunch of cool turkeys, chickens and ducks. Plus, the onset motorhome was run on bio-diesel fuel, and they were playing groovy music! It was a beautiful, fun day. Even the bathroom had Seventh Generation babywipes and a candle. The food was all plant-based, and all was groovy! It was an amazing surprise to show up to a motor home like this. Yay, Vogue!”

Yay indeed! It’s great to hear that the world of fashion is looking a little more green, a welcome change from designer nightmares like Donna Karen who still used fur in this year’s NYC Fashion Week.

Check out the interview with Silverstone here.

  • Gianna

    Alicia Sylverstone is beautiful with that baby bump! Happy mothers are beautiful mothers.

  • stephanie

    >:( Too bad in Women’s Health she was talking about eating seafood! All “vegan” celebs always bail when prego…..

    • herwin

      >>>>GASP<<< she was ….eating SEAFOOD ??
      why didn't i read that in the Razzi before ??
      maybe she did it so "normal" people don't think she is some icy freak with an extreme diet. LOL
      Anyway, so right Stephanie, let's file this lady from now on under "flexitarian" , she not even "veg". ;-)
      Oh, and anyone playing the "you vegans are so judgemental" game, this isn't about slamming on somebody eating fish (or cheese) occasionally, this is about somebody calling herself vegan who eats seafood and cheese (occasionally?), AND trashes vegans who stick to their vegan diet. So why call yourself a vegan when you (occasioanlly?) eat cheese and seafood, and like to brag about it ? Me don't get it.

  • Elle

    @stephanie Too bad so many people are so judgemental of each other. If you read the article you would know that she only did it once and realized she wasn’t missing anything. It’s good that she realized that those foods are not as good as she remembered so that she won’t be tempted to do it again. Many people mess up, especially at the beginning of the vegan journey. She doesn’t say when she ate seafood, it could have been when she first went vegan. And she never said that it was while she was pregnant, so stop jumping to conclusions. Alicia is awesome and does a lot to help animals and to help people live healthier.