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Charlie Sheen‘s about to hurl himself upon the world with his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” tour, and Ok! Magazine snagged an interview with his vegan goddess Bree Olson where the adult film star opened up about her veg lifestyle.

In the interview, Olson attributes her vegan diet to the book Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman, and said, “Being vegan has not only enhanced my career due to my banging vegan body, but it has also enhanced my life overall. I feel generally better physically and emotionally. Animal bi-products are so bad for our bodies, and I feel as though my body is now pure and clean. I have so much energy and life now. I also feel great knowing I don’t contribute to any deaths of any innocent creatures.”

Plenty of celebs have made the veg switch to feel better and protect animals, and according to the adult film star, Sheen might be next! “Charlie is very open to eating vegan dishes,” Olson explained. “I was pleasantly surprised to see that he often chooses the vegan options over the non-vegan ones and will always eat anything vegan I prepare for him. That means a lot to me.”

Living in Los Angeles, as Olson does, makes eating out as a vegan super easy, and she cited her favorite hot spots as Follow Your Heart, Veggie Grill, Vegan Plate, and Vegan Planet.

And this isn’t the first time Olson has promoted veg living, as she has taken to her Twitter to support veganism and ask for recommendations. For the full interview visit Ok! Magazine.

  • stephanie

    HA! An animal abusing vegan?

    I wish people would stop paying attention to this low life. And like a tweet I saw the other day from Will Wheaton:

    “I wish everyone going to the Charlie Sheen Pay Attention To Me Tour would skip it and donate the ticket price to a battered women’s shelter.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • stephanie

      low life=Charlie Sheen

      NOT Bree Olson lol

      • herwin

        Bree Olson is one cool vegan with the V heart on the right place, but Sheen is just a dumb ass pretending to have some moral vegan fiber just so he can bone Bree, just take a look at his little home made Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes episode on Youtube with his little boring old farting attitude like “i killed the animal myself” and cooking meat, dumbass jokes only half brain dead meateaters can and do make .
        Charlie, you can snif kilo’s of it, but you never will be a rock star !! :-P