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Starting this week, Britain’s Prince Harry will help kick off an epic 200-mile journey to the heart of the icy North Pole.

The 26-year-old will be joining four severely wounded veterans (including two amputees) and two expedition leaders in the first stage of the four-week trek as a way to raise funds for the charity Walking With The Wounded. The expedition is expected to last until the end of April – with experts giving the group a 40%-60% chance of success.

For the May issue of UK GQ, Prince Harry agreed to an exclusive interview to help increase awareness for the trek. The hope is that more than $3.2 million can be raised to assist disabled veterans. GQ is also pitching in, with proceeds from each sale of the mag going to the cause.

“This extraordinary expedition will raise awareness of the debt that this country owes to those it sends off to fight – only for them to return wounded and scarred, physically and emotionally,” Harry says in the interview. “The debt extends beyond immediate medical care and short-term rehabilitation. These men and women have given so much. We must recognise their sacrifice, be thankful, so far as we can ever repay them for it.”

After Harry leaves the group on April 5th, he will immediately begin training to be a helicopter pilot with the Army Air Corps. Check out Walking with the Wounded’s website for more information on this epic trek!


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