Okay, do A-list celebs know something that we don’t?

We told you about Ashton Kutchers revealing interview where he opened up about his certainty that the apocalypse is imminent, and now it’s being reported that he’s driven himself to the Surplus Value Center in Los Angeles to stock up on $4,000 worth of survival gear for himself and his family…??

Apparently the 32-year-old bought emergency blankets, hand-powered radios, flashlights, ready-to-eat food, and a lot of emergency water rations. In the previous interview Kutcher stressed his fears of the apocalypse, and said that when it comes, “I’m going to be ready to take myself and my family to a safe place where they don’t have to worry.”

“He is obsessed with the idea of either an earthquake or massive uprising,” an insider told In Touch magazine.

That same “insider” disclosed that plenty of other big names, like Kiefer Sutherland, Leonardo DiCaprio and Angie Harmon have all frequented the store to stock up on their emergency supplies.

I mean… ha ha. I can understand getting water, flashlights, a radio— when you live in a place prone to earthquakes (like LA) it’s important to have the basic survival necessities. And perhaps his paranoia has increased after the recent devastation in Japan?

All I gotta say is, Kutcher— I’m coming for you and your bunker when the big one hits!

Via In Touch

  • robert m

    “I mean… ha ha.”

    …famous last words

    i bet the ten million katrina survivors wished they’d had the common sense to store 3 or 4 months worth of water, and food, but those who may have glimpsed their “crazy” neighbor doing so probably would have offered the same mockery as you. “i mean…ha ha.”

    i also bet those people living in the newly discovered contaminated zone 40 kilometers away from the reactor in japan wish they had stocked up on irradiation tablets and read a survival pamphlet on the subject and how to prepare for it. But that would be totally crazy of them wouldn’t it?


    there are 104 reactors in the USA – do you live near any?

    don’t prepare to save your family’s lives because that would just be crazy