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Ok, so it’s not actually a farm where they raise dragons. Only richer-than-thou JK Rowling could conceive such greatness – however, the 614-acre spread in question is the site where the myth of the Welsh dragon was born. So, instant coolness.

Apparently, the current owner of Llyndy Isaf has no children and looking to hand over the property to The National Trust. For over 30 years, he’s maintained the land using traditional, sustainable methods – as well as building a bunkhouse and campsite for hikers. From The Telegraph:

“The hill farm includes Llyn Dinas lake, known as the jewel of Snowdonia, and rare birds such as the chough. The hills around the farm are also steeped in mythology, with legend telling how the red dragon won a battle over lake and became the national emblem of Wales. The Trust fears that if it does not buy the property, the estate could fall into commercial hands, meaning access could be closed to the public and bad management would threaten wildlife.”

Enter Matthew Rhys, star of the hit TV series “Brothers & Sisters” to save the day.

“The stunning beauty of Snowdonia is enjoyed by so many but now part of it is under threat. We have a once in a lifetime chance to buy and protect Llyndy Isaf, including Llyn Dinas, the beautiful lake that played a part in the dramatic scene which witnessed the birth of the Welsh dragon emblem,” he said. “If we don’t act now we risk losing the peace of this tranquil valley to commercial development.”

Screw commercial development – save the dragons. Check out a video showing off the spectacular beauty of the Llyndy Isaf below. To donate directly to The Land Trust’s campaign to raise £1 million to buy the farm , jump here.

Why Llyn Dinas is special from National Trust on Vimeo.

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