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Humane Society Dropping GoDaddy As Domain Host

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The Humane Society of the United States announced today that it was in the process of finding new hosting for the more than 650 domain names it currently has through GoDaddy.com.

The decision comes in the wake of massive outrage over CEO Bob Parsons posting video of himself killing a “problem” elephant in Zimbabwe, a death he says was justified on “humanitarian” grounds.

He shot the elephant at night, and claims it was a “problem elephant,” writes HSUS President Wayne Pacelle. “It happened to be a bull elephant with sizeable tusks, just the type that trophy hunters like to kill. He seems to be a rather obsessive trophy hunter; one other self-produced video on the web shows him wounding and later killing a leopard, and the current edition of Safari Club International‘s magazine shows an array of animal heads mounted on his wall as trophies.”

Pacelle adds that if Parsons is really serious about doing charitable work, he should spend time with philanthropists like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. “Last time I checked, they didn’t leave a trail of animal victims they’ve personally slain at the end of their visit,” he quips.

In addition to other animal lovers dropping GoDaddy, the domain registrar’s competitors have latched onto the controversy – offering slashed prices on new orders and transfers. Two companies, DomainIt.com and NameCheap.com are even offering to donate a portion of sales to animal charities SaveTheElephants.org and WWF.org.

How about you? Thinking about transferring? Word on the street is that it may be harder than it looks – which makes the HSUS move something to watch carefully. Let us know if you’ve had any luck!



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