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Ass-clown GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons spoke briefly to about his “humanitarian” elephant kill and guess what everyone – no worries, he’s an animal-lover!

“I have two dogs, and I love ‘em to pieces,” he said.

Yea, ok. So the guy won’t take a shotgun to his Labradors – but if those f*ckers were messing with the crops of Zimbabwe farmers, of course he’d blow their brains out. Right, Bob?

Parsons also insinuated that he’ll go back next year to help shoot some more elephants. “If I said I wouldn’t be going back [to Zimbabwe], the farmers, they would be very disappointed indeed,” he told the site.

Disgusting. AOL snagged an interview with Zimbabwe’s premier conservationist, Johnny Rodrigues, who basically calls Parson’s reasons for killing the bull elephant “misguided” and “supporting a terrible system”.

“The bull elephant Parsons killed has a family,” he says. “It’s the same as a robber coming into Parsons’ house and shooting him in front of one of his kids. Parsons should look at some of the incredible research on elephants and elephant family behavior. He’d be shocked. Elephants are among the smartest, most sensitive animals alive.”

Check out the full interview here.

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  • Wanking Toys

    If he’s an animal lover I’m a cheese and tomato pizza.
    I’m an animal lover, and I have never intentionally killed another living thing in my life, neither has any single animal lover I have ever met.

    Guess he’s one of those really rare animal lovers… you know, the ones who also enjoy killing things and then celebrating it.

    The guy fails, and so will his company.

  • robw

    I cannot believe Godaddy’s Pardons doesn’t know that humans are encroaching on elephants turf and that there exist many non lethal methods.

    Tissues is always human population growth and midland encroachment. Parsons just wants to kill something big and have an excuse

    Why doesn’t he spend his excess $ on birth control efforts in Africa. ThROUGH is the real problem – it just doesn’t make a big bang.

    I will never use Godaddy’s devices .

  • georgina

    Can’t stand the sight of that a-hole. If they do not want him in Zimbabwe why does he claim that the farmers will be disappointed? Because he has to make himself feel good about what he did somehow and he knows what he did is terrible.
    What an idiot.

  • Erin Elizabeth

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    Oh I never wish for the death of anyone but honestly? I wish the elephants had stampeded that guy and killed him. But then again they WEREN’T problem elephants at all. Granted elephants naturally can stampede but these were kind gentle ones who happen to walk in crops that could easily be fenced in! I love how this pig of a man says “who’s going to open their checkbook and pay for a fence!? when he was rude and awful to the kind Cnn female anchor. Maybe you could bob! I hate you and hope an elephant gets his revenge next trip when you go to “shoot some more of them’