by Ali Garfinkel
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Super skinny supermodel Kate Moss has been spending her time somewhere other than the runway— the kitchen.

Moss, known as the woman who coined ‘the waif’ look, has apparently been putting on the pounds ever since she started getting into cooking— and she has never looked better!

It started when her 8-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, gave her a new cookbook. Since then, Kate has been obsessed with making vegan meals for her fiance, Jamie Hince.

The infamous party girl has put her wild ways aside and taken up a more domestic route, and according to a source, she has been saying, “If people could see me now. Whatever happened to wild Kate?” However, her fiance seems to love this side of her.

Last year, the supermodel gained a new jam-making hobby after perfecting her plum conserve recipe at her estate in the Cotswolds, and with all the fruit on her land she has access to, Moss has been thinking about making a business out of it.

A rolling Moss gathers no stones, but maybe a pound or two!

Via AZ Central

  • herwin

    she really veg or just another celeb made veg by veggie gossip ?

  • LittleMe

    Maybe she’ll give up wearing real fur too and save a few more lives. I won’t hold my breath.

  • herwin

    my misstake, the article doesn’t claim she is vegan now, it just says she cooks vegan meals sometimes.
    it’s about one week later now, i wonder if she still likes to cook vegan food…