34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
by Ali Garfinkel
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The Hudson Valley Community College Foundation recently received $100,000 from the infamous Bob Barker to help support the Animal Advocacy Fund, which is used for those interested in animal law.

The HVCC is the first college in the country to offer this type of course, which includes animal cruelty investigation, legal issues for animal control, lobbying and legislating for animal protection, shelter and rescue management and veterinary forensics.

Graduate students of HVCC may use their degrees in this area to pursue careers in humane-law enforcement, animal control, humane education, shelter management, lobbying and policy-making.

Although the school started this program back in 2005, Barker donated the money to help support speakers and student grants. It’s always nice to see celebrities putting their money toward a great cause they believe in, isn’t it?

And at $100,000, that price is always right.

  • mister jingles

    I love Bob Barker, a generous, intelligent, great personality with a heart of gold!

  • E T M

    Good for Bob Barker. What a good man he is. Anyone who does not see this has a few screws lose.

  • carolyn52

    Sports hunting is another area where we should target, the corruption of the hunting industry and their use of trapping, snaring and bowhunting which is 3 of the worst torturous death for the animals. BOWHUNTING, TRAPPING AND SNARING!!