Clothing Swap Final
by Ali Berman
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Ecorazzi is proudly sponsoring a clothing swap taking place in NYC on Wednesday, May 11th from 4pm-9pm.

Spring cleaning time is here. Which means, looking through your closets for clothes, shoes, belts, hats, etc. that no longer fit or that you no longer wear. Happily with a clothing swap, you get to recycle those items and bring home new ones! That’s the beauty of a swap. It’s basically guilt free shopping.

Plus, there will be a vegan bake sale on site with treats baked by fabulous chefs like Leinana Two Moons from the site Vegan Good Things! As well as a raffle with prizes from amazing companies like vegan cookie powerhouse Liz Lovely!

Tickets are $10 ($7 for students). All proceeds will go to support HEART, a non-profit that goes into schools in NYC and Chicago and teaches kids about human rights, animal protection and environmental ethics. They tackle issues like dog fighting, child labor, bullying, pollution, factory farming and climate change.

Come with your reusable bags and items to swap, enjoy fabulous vegan baked goods, and schmooze with fellow eco minded fashionistas for a delightful spring afternoon/evening. Come for the whole time, or show up for an hour to swap, snack and leave. Check out the flyer above to see how the swap works.

Check out the above photo for event details. Also, RSVP (although not required) on the facebook event!

We’re hoping to make this event a success so tell your friends and come to swap. The more people who go, the more fabulous items there are to choose from and the more funds raised to educate kids about how they can help solve some of our world’s toughest issues. And as we all know, our world needs all the help it can get.

Watch the video below to learn more about HEART…

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Ali Berman is the author of Choosing a Good Life: Lessons from People Who Have Found Their Place in the World (Hazelden) and Misdirected (Seven Stories Press). She works as a humane educator for HEART teaching kids about issues affecting people, animals and the environment. Her published work can be found on her website at In early 2012 Ali co-founded flipmeover, a production company with the mission to use media to raise awareness of social issues.

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  • Big City Vegan

    Awesome Ecorazzi! Brilliant idea – absolutely love it. What a fun way to participate and give to a great cause. Yummy vegan treats too.

  • Melissa @TheSwapaholics

    HUGE Ecorazzi fans over here, and love to see that you guys have gotten into clothing swaps! Seems like you had a lot of fun in NYC, sorry we missed it. Would love to co-host one with you in the future — we travel all around the country hosting clothing swaps for 75 to 500 people with, about two a month, including our “Green the Red Carpet Sip & Swap” during Oscars weekend in LA each year. Let’s chat!

    ~ Melissa

    Melissa Massello