Easter Sunday is coming up on April 24th, and that means a lot of little chocolate bunnies are going to be bought! But the month of April is also National Autism Awareness Month, and Swiss chocolatier Lindt is doing their part to raise awareness and money using their iconic chocolate bunnies.

From March 30th through April 9th the chocolate company will be auctioning off porcelain versions of their famous Lindt Gold Bunny.

But they won’t just be any old porcelain figurine, these will be signed by A-list celebs like Orlando Bloom, Ricky Gervais, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hugh Hefner, Betty White, Toni Braxton, Yoko Ono, Roger FedererKim Kardashian, Toby Keith, Padma LakshmiPaul Simon, and more!

The best part is that 100% of all the proceeds from the auction will directly benefit the charity Autism Speaks.

The list of celebrity participants is truly amazing, and if you go to the auctions ebay site all you have to do is click on a name and it will take you to that celebs page.

Easter is usually about chocolate, but now there’s a way to make it about giving back to charity! How great is that??

Via Look to the Stars

  • http://www.biome.com.au/shop_index.php?cPath=36_198 Fairtrade chocolate

    This is great news they are supporting the charities in this way, but please don’t forget about asking people to support fairtrade and organic chocolate this Easter. A little indulgence can go a long way by supporting only fair trade.

  • marg

    very good of lindt chocolate to do something like this to raise money for autism in america, but why can’t lindt do something like this here in australia. Get all the popular australian stars to sign the chocolate bunnies here and raise money here for autism as my is autistic and loves CHOCOLATE . hey lindt any free samples i can get for him please