by Ali Garfinkel
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If any of you have been keeping up with the live Eagle event (not the music group) in Decorah, Iowa, you know that the third egg is about to hatch at any moment now.

So far, one of the parent eagles has spent the day feeding and keeping her babies warm, and NPR reported that there was a crack in the third egg around noon

I have to admit, the more you watch, the more exciting it gets. Seriously. Cause how often do you think you’ll get to say you watched the birth of a species that’s been endangered since 1967?

If you want a live up-to-date stream of the event, check out the video below! How eggs-iting!

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  • Heather

    Bald Eagles were taken off the endangered species list in 2007. Their habitat continues to be threatened, but the population of many areas has been doing well.

    It’s still incredible to watch something like this, the mother looks so calm! Birds of prey have always fascinated me.

  • georgina

    It has already hatched, i saw it earlier this a.m.

    This is awesome to watch by the way. The most i have seen in my own backyard is my two red tailed hawks mating and a cooper’s hawk that tried to snatch one of my backyard mourning doves.

    Love birds…can you tell!?!?!?!?