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Schwarzenegger Will Be Back In Comic Form

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This week in Cannes, the new Governator comic by Stan Lee was unveiled, which depicts Arnold Schwarzenegger as an animated superhero. Imagine that!

Schwarzenegger, who was an actor turned governor, but now an actor again, loves the idea of becoming the type of guy that can take what he’s learned in office, and use it for his ‘vigilante’ type heroics.

“The reason these heroic characters are always popular is because we are all somewhat limited in our real world. Even when I was governor I wished that I could do the things that I wanted to do but I couldn’t because of the system, the way it works. Or because of the way the law works,” Schwarzenegger said during an interview in his hotel suite.

So now that he (and his character) are out of office, he’s taking what he’s learned to the streets for the side of good!

Wearing a solar-powered body suit, riding a motorcycle that turns into a helicopter, and having the ability to bypass legislation are just a few of the perks of the comic hero. Did we mention he only uses eco-friendly gadgets?

Schwarzenegger plans to continue the battle for good in real life as well as living out his fantasies of smashing villains with a green fist — but in a fun, educational way that doesn’t make the reader feel preached at or guilty.

“That’s the old Al Gore kind of way to do this,” said Schwarzenegger.

Wanna find out more about the Governator and his new comic persona? Check out the full story here.

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