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How do the lyrics to that Sheryl Crow song go again? “If It Makes You”… Healthy?

Okay, so it may actually be “Happy” but that is the title to the singer’s new vegan-friendly cookbook, If It Makes You Healthy.

The 49-year-old is not a vegan, but as Publisher’s Weekly said in their review, “Though Crow has not adopted a vegan lifestyle, many of these dishes are meatless, emphasizing colorful vegetables and fresh preparations.”

Indeed! You’ll discover that of the 125 recipes there are veg-friendly options like hummus soup with cilantro pesto and garlic pita chips, a vegan reuben, stuffed avocado, barley and vegetable risotto, nut butter sandwiches using almond instead of peanuts, and vegan chocolate-mint brownies for dessert. Yummy!

To help with the book, Crow brought along her personal chef Chuck White, aka “Chef Chuck,” to co-author. He’s been in her life since her 2006 breast cancer diagnosis and has helped the crooner to add a largely plant-based diet to her routine (think organic nuts, organic fruits, vegetables, and hummus backstage instead of traditional junk foods).

Even though a cancer diagnosis can be crippling to some, we’re really impressed to see how positively this has changed Crow’s lifestyle— and the recipes look amazing to boot!

Via Vegetarian Star

  • Happy Herbivore

    I think it’s great that Sheryl is eating more vegan meals and that she included veg fare in her cookbook. I’m always happy to see influential people advocating we eat more plants, and who knows, maybe someone will buy her cookbook because they love her music and they’ll get turned on to vegan fare–something they may have not have been open to or exposed to before.

  • Happy Herbivore

    update to my previous comment. I just looked through her cookbook on amazon–according to the index, only 4 recipes (out of 100) are vegan. I’m not sure I’d be quick to call her book “vegan-friendly” now. Most omni cookbooks have a handful of vegan recipes (whether that was intentional or accidental is another thing) so I was expecting more here, I guess.

  • Best Food In Town

    Nice one Sheryl Crow! Hope other artists support veganism as well, or at least help in saving our environment. Regarding her cook book, it’s all good! Probably the best vegan food in town!