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In adorable news, a deer in Buffalo, New York, is playing bodyguard to a nesting goose and her unborn goslings.

So, the deal is that when geese mate they mate for life, but when they lose that mate it’s a problem because male geese are typically the ones to defend the nest. Enter the savior deer who has been standing guard over the nest for over a week.

The goose decided to take up shop in a cemetery urn, creating a nest inside of it. Only problem is that in that specific cemetery, there are actually hired dogs that are used to chase away geese.

It was Craig Cygan, a regular patrol who leads his goose-chasing border collies around the cemetery, who discovered the nesting goose… and a deer standing guard next to the urn.

“I know their behaviors and their habits, and it was just unusual that you have a deer protecting a goose nest,” Cygan said. “For some reason they have a bonding relationship and it seems to be working.”

Watch the video below to find out more about this adorable relationship.

Via Huffington Post

  • herwin

    and to think that every weekend 1000’s people go into the forest and shoot these same inteligent and compassionate animals..
    to think that people actually see this video or similar videos yet continue to eat meat…
    to think that some people get outraged when a whale is killed thousands of miles away, yet argue that other animals like cows and pigs are not inteligent enough to be saved from the slaughethouses…

    inconvenient truth : animals are as inteligent and sensitive as humans.

    • Michael Raymer

      Every weekend? Hardly. Hunting seasons are well defined.

      And if these hunting seasons were to be abolished, tell me, where would the ever increasing populations live and what would they eat? Proper game management works and no amount of hysteria is going to change that. Not to mention that the billions of dollars raised with hunting fees guarantees that SOME amount of habitat will be preserved for these species.

      You disappoint me herwin. I was hoping to hear more about “chickens in the wild.”

      “inconvenient truth : animals are as inteligent and sensitive as humans”

      It’s neither inconvenient nor truth. Some species are simply more intelligent (BTW…when you use a word like “intelligent” it would be “intelligent” of you to not let it be the one word you mis-spell) than others. This is a charming story but, if this goose was “intelligent”, it would have set up it’s nest somewhere there isn’t human traffic and patrols of dogs.

  • herwin

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    to think that you are a so called supporter from Sea Shepherd and that Paul Watson defended you makes me sick to the bone and makes me think twice about Seashepherd and the judgement of Paul watson when it comes who he calles his friend and supporter.

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  • herwin

    @ Raymer

    you think it’s funny to make a smurky remark about chickens ?

    are you aware of the horrible life they live and the horrible way they are killed ? and the sheer mind boggling numbers of chickens ?
    and yes, mr raymer, chickens in the wild are very inteligent and very caring to their chicks.
    i guess for you ignorant is bliss, right ?

    you are smurky and are all giggly about one word that i misspell ?

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    • Michael Raymer

      Well….it seems I have hit a nerve. Or a nerve cluster. Again, I must point out that the preceding was from herwin who on a number of occasions has taken me to task for personal attacks and insults.

      I usually copy/paste remarks and then respond to them but the above is just way too tiresome.

      “Smurky” remarks? My post above contains none. And I asked an honest question: If hunting were to be completely abolished, and species like deer were allowed to breed in orders of magnitude; where would they live and what would they eat? If the massive amount of dollars spent by hunters were to disappear, what incentive would there be to keep viable habitats open and away from land development?

      I don’t recall where Paul Watson ever “defended” me. He said thanks at one point for my continued support of SSCS on this site and that’s about all. And I have clearly stated on numerous occasions that no money at all has passed, in either direction, between myself and Sea Shepherd. This will change soon, and they will get a donation from me at some point over the summer. But, even so, I will remain an objective observer and commentator on SSCS strategy and tactics, and when I disagree with them, I will say so.

      Saying that I only care for whales is ridiculous. I also care very deeply for Mountain Gorillas, Rhinos, Elephants and a large number of other animals. And I care about deer and geese. Which is why I have asked (twice now) my questions above. Your stance that it’s herwins way or no way is presumptuous and preposterous.

      “I REALLY am developing a sense of respect for whalers….”

      I REALLY don’t see any need to comment on this. The casual observer can make their own judgments about herwins state of mind.

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      And finally, I have stated, on numerous occasions, my philosophical support for vegans and their efforts to spread their word to others. I sometimes think that the only part of my posts that you read is my name, and then you go into attack mode. In either case, I would like for you to take a look at what you write and tell me, who’s mind do you think you are changing? Who do you really think you are converting with your uber-hostile and defensive posturing? Take a good look at yourself herwin, and tell me, do you think you are helping or hindering your own cause?

      • herwin

        you are such a dumbass and playing with words is your main game it seems, just like the pro whalers.
        Anyway, good to see that you agree you are being smurky.

        No chickens in the wild ??
        yes there are and their name is Red Junglefowl, scientific name Gallus Gallus.
        The domesticated chicken Gallus Gallus Domesticus is the SAME species as this Jungelfowl.

        junglefowl images :

      • Michael Raymer

        Welcome back. And twice now you haven’t answered my direct and relevant questions. This supports your earlier assertion that: “I REALLY am developing a sense of respect for whalers…” Your recent posting history bears that out. You are sounding more and more like them all the time.

        I’m also going to keep in mind that for all your hand-wringing over name-calling and personal attacks by others, your above posts are way out of line and ridiculously hypocritical. Again, your sympathies for the pro-whalers are very evident. What’s next? Maybe you can give romika a hand on the Ellen Degeneres thread. He’s over his head (again) and could use your brand of assistance.

      • herwin

        twisting words and only quoting half sentences, only word games, eh. :-P

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        back to the real topic, about the chicken, are you ready to admit there are indeed chickens in the wild ? Or are you going to chicken out ?

        last but not least, my posts obviously aren’t out of line like you claim, because, unlike some of your posts, my posts never have been deleted by the Razzi… (fingers crossed.)
        Go study on that, junior..

      • Michael Raymer

        And again, you refuse to answer the questions that I have asked twice on this thread, as well as elsewhere (just like the pro-whalers that you respect so much). And the reason I asked them was in response to your hysterical opening statement, “and to think that every weekend 1000?s people go into the forest and shoot these same inteligent and compassionate animals..”. A completely false and unsubstantiated comment (again, a pro-whaler tactic) borne of ignorance.

        I didn’t paint you as a pro-whaler, you did. I didn’t ask you to, but as long as you keep swinging at me, that one’s not going away. I stand by my earlier remark that you seem to just see my name at the top of a post and decide to go on the warpath. From the beginning, it’s been you throwing one attack at me after another. You can pretend all you like but the posts on this thread are rock solid proof that personal animosity is more important to you than addressing the issues in a factual manner.

        Back to the real topic? herwin, the real topic here is a goose and a deer. Again, hysteria combines with ignorance and calls itself herwin.

  • Wendy Z

    We’d all be better off if we observed and learned a few lessons from wildlife. While humans continue to keep destroying and living from the ego instead of the heart, in the face of devastation, animals continue to show us beautiful situations of caring and compassion that defy explanation. They don’t need an explanation. They just follow what their “heart” tells them. Sure would b nice if humans did the same.

    • georgina

      I second your opinion Wendy Z.

      This is not the first “unlikely bold” between species and i have always said to my friends, how is it possible that animals which in the wild would be possibly chasing each other for food (i am not talking about the deer and the goose here) form very strong bonds, and humans, who can speak, think, and act as the supposed superior species sometimes cannot agree on anything at times?

      I know i am being very vague, but you get my point.

      • herwin

        well, wasn’t there a week or so another post here on the ‘Razzi about some people who fixed a three legged mini horse with a fake leg ?
        i mean, also many people unselfishly help animals so people ain’t that bad. ;-)
        and on the other side of the spectrum, i have seen some nasty vids of animals killing their own kind, like a hippo smacking dead a hippo baby.
        so all in all, animals and people, in my opinion, are pretty much the same, there is good and bad in all of us, animal or people, so to speak.

  • georgina

    Also, i hope there is a follow-up to this story because i wonder what will happen now to the eggs. If the male is not with the female to help her protect the nest, how will she feed?
    I hope it works out for everyone there. Either way, beautiful story about the innocence and purity of heart of animals.